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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Update on Carruthers DNA Snp

Our Director of DNA research Mr Steve Colburn has issued this update and statement. It underlines the need for good research based on evidence, tenacity and accuracy. As such if it’s not published on this site, it has not been fact checked for its validity with regards Carruthers


Hello All – Just a little information about the Carruthers Family Y-DNA project I would like to share.

The Carruthers Family DNA project focuses on the biological “Y-DNA” of the Carruthers Paternal line. Y-DNA is what we call the sex chromosome, “Y” is passed from a father to his sons only, women do not receive a Y chromosome.

Testing the Y chromosome allows for investigation into a male’s paternal family line and can help identify surname lines, living relatives whose Y chromosome is similar, and ancient migration routes our paternal ancestors may have taken.

This test also determines the Carruthers’ Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, frequently called SNPs (pronounced “snips”), and these are the most common type of genetic variations. Each SNP is a mutation or new branch on the tree. The number of SNPs on which people match within our database can be used to tell how closely related we are.

When we first started this journey we only had a few testers and the most recent SNP at the time we could find was I-CTS11603. Well, this spread like wildfire on the internet and many started to claim that if you are I-CTS11603 then you are certainly a Carruthers.

Well, this is not a true statement as we now have more data and can actually piece together a more accurate story…

I-CTS11603 Snp

I-CTS11603 represents a man who is estimated to have been born around 3,400 years ago, plus or minus 550 years.

That corresponds to about 1350 BCE (BC) with a 95% probability he was born between 1947 and 857 BCE. – That is a long time ago! Many family lines have branched from this person and there are many family surnames associated with I-CTS11603, so not all are Carruthers, we just happen to have a common ancestor who happens to be I-CTS11603.

So with all the new data, we can now piece together the Carruthers SNP story…

I-BY189222 Snp

The first Carruthers SNP we have found which truly all Carruthers males carry is I-BY189222 which represents a man who is estimated to have been born around 800 years ago, plus or minus 200 years. (this fits in with what our history and Society research shows us)

That corresponds to about 1250 CE with a 95% probability he was born between 1028 and 1407 CE.– To date, so far very Carruthers male has tested positive for this SNP.

There is a strong argument that William de Carruthers, (first recorded use of our name in the reign of Alexander II 1214-1249) carried this SNP himself.

As we get more Carruthers men to test the Y-DNA 700, the better our data and research.

Following this link to see all of our Carruthers SNP results from I-BY189222.

Steve Colburn

Carruthers DNA Project

Director of Reseach

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