Society Founding Members

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The following are a list of the Founding Members of the Society 

They represent Carruthers from Africa, Australasia, Canada, Europe, Oceania, UK and USA 

George Carruthers (Scotland)
Dana Caruthers Norton (USA)
Steve Colburn (USA)
Helen Smith (Canada)
David Caron (Canada)
Elise Carruthers (Scotland)
Vicky Carruthers (Scotland)
Henry Shirah (USA)
James E Johnson (Canada)
Robert Carruthers (Bob) (Australia)
William Carruthers (Bill) (USA)
Edward Carruthers (USA)
Prof Derek Carruthers (England)
Dan R Carruthers (Canada)
Jeff Crothers (USA)
Gail Carruthers White (USA)
James Andrew Carruthers (Scotland)
Laura Alexander (USA)
Ian Carruthers (England)
Elizabeth S Carothers (USA)
Nicole Carruthers (Sanscartier) (Canada)
Matthew Carruthers (Wales)
Laurie Carruthers Caron (Canada)
David Caruthers Newton (USA)
William Carothers (USA)
Ross Carruthers (Scotland)
Brooke Carothers (USA)
Brian Carruthers (USA)
Gary John Carruthers (Australia)
Marshall Carothers (USA)
Charles Carruthers (Scotland)
Lisa Clement (USA)
Laura F Carruthers (Scotland)
William Carruthers (Scotland)
Martha Crothers (USA)
Stephen Carruthers (Scotland)
Duncan Carruthers (England)
David Dominique (USA)
Cathy Pavli (Canada)
Patricia D Weber (Canada)
Vinnie Carothers (USA)
Andrew Ian Carruthers (England)
Sara Carruthers (USA)
David Carruthers (USA)
John Carruthers (Canada)
Craig Monument (Australia)
Liz Monument (Australia)
Zelda Carruthers (Canada)
Harold John Carruthers (Canada)
James Carruthers (Scotland)
Michael C Carruthers (Canada)
Scott Carruthers (Scotland)
Samantha Carruthers (USA)
Yvonne Carruthers (England)
Steven Honey (Australia)
Robert J Carruthers (Canada)
Andrew Carruthers (Canada)
Lindsey Carruthers (England)
Cecilia Mitchell-Carruthers (France)
John Lucas Carruthers (Spain)
Aaron Travers (Australia)
Gordon Carrothers (England)
Stuart Carruthers (Scotland)
George Haig (Scotland)
Peter Carruthers (England)
David Carruthers (England)
John Carruthers (Australia)
Gaila D Self (USA)
Chris Carruthers (England)
Amber Douglas (England)
Gary Robert Carruthers (Canada)
Stuart Carruthers (Scotland)
Susan Hunt (USA)
Kara Rose (Australia)
Denise Roberts (Australia)
Kara McNamee (USA)
Rebecca Morley (Canada)
Alan Carruthers Taylor (England)
David E White (USA)
Linda W Atkins (USA)
Peter Carruthers (New Zealand)
Neil Carruthers (England)
Brett Kevin Engel (USA)
Renee Greenwood (USA)
Jean Ritchie Beasley (Australia)
Michelle Carruthers (New Zealand)
Gary Hetherington Carruthers (Samoa)
Graham Carruthers (Australia)
Jeanne Crouthers Abert (USA)
Andrew James Carruthers (Canada)
Meghan Scott (USA)
Ian Carruthers (Zimbabwe)
Graeme Fernie (Scotland)
Iona Fernie (Scotland)
Ian John Carruthers (England)
Rickey Carrauthers (USA)
Kelly Dawn Carothers-Walrad (USA)
Tosha Kurtz (USA)
Geoffrey Carruthers (Australia)
Dr Tom Carruthers (Australia)
Michael Carruthers (England)
Diana Carrauthers (USA)
Greg Lawson (England
Laurel McKenney (USA)
Todd Michael Carruthers (Canada)
Boston Carruthers (Scotland)
Lincoln Carruthers (Scotland)
Timothy Mason (USA)
Madison Carruthers (Scotland)
Christina Marie Carruthers (USA)
Katherine Ruth Carruthers (USA)
Elisabeth Rhiannon Carruthers (USA)
Edison George Carruthers (USA)
Stirling Alden Carruthers (USA)
Quinn Caroline Carruthers (USA)
Wendy Joy Carruthers Bramford (England)
William Carruthers (Northern Ireland)
Meta Carruthers (Northern Ireland)
Pamela Caruthers Wong (USA)
Carolann Carruthers Hampton (USA)
Joshua Proudfoot (Scotland)
Emily Carruthers (Scotland)
William Wayne Caruthers (USA)
Harriett Jewell (USA)
Scott Carruthers (Canada)

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