The Chief’s Coat of Arms

Carruthers, is a proud Scottish Border Clan and Family, it is more ancient than many, with the Name taken from a place in Scotland around 500 AD.  There is no evidence to suggest we are Norman, Gaels or Norse as name from Brythonic Celt language, suggesting we could well be descended from the indigenous population around at the time.

Named after the Fort (Caer) Rydderch (Ruther) in the region of what is now Annandale, Dumfriesshire, in south-west Scotland, we have a rich and colourful history in the area and beyond.

In 1672, the Scottish monarch decided that only those worthy to bear them could hold arms. He emacted through the Scottish parliament the Lord Lyons Act of 1672. This called for all those wishing to bear arms to apply to the Lyon to be included on the Register of All Arms and Bearing of Scotland. Although used by Holmains prior to this date, along with all other Scottish chiefs and nobles, John Carruthers 9th of Holmains and 5th Baron registered the arms we recognise today.

Scottish arms, and especially the shield belong to an individual and not to a clan or family and as such should not be reproduced without permision.

Having been without a Chief since 1809, based simply on the fact that no descendent of the Chief’s line chose to pick up the mantle although they could have, finally in 2019 a Chief of Carruthers was confirmed by the Lord Lyon.

Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers, is the 4 x Great Grandson of the last Chief, John Carruthers 12th of Holmains and 8th Baron, whose ancestry goes as far back as the 1100’s, when the name was first used.

Chiefs Arms