Mitchell-Carruthers (Holmains)

img-0361As members of the Holmains line, the Mitchell-Carruthers are the first cousins of our hereditary Chief, Peter Carruthers of  Holmains.

Their arms were registered in the late 1800’s by the Reverand William Mitchell Carruthers MA (Cantab), who was Rector of Holbrook, Ipswitch, England at the time. William was born on September 12th 1853, being the elder son of the late Major General W. St Leger Mitchell by his wife Margaret, daughter of Patrick Agnew of Larne, County Antrim, Ireland (Partition in Ireland did not occur until 1921, this was written before that). William assumed in 1873, the surname of his paternal grandmother nee Carruthers of Holmains, Dumfrieshire.

Rev Mitchell-CarruthersHis listings state he was married on October 3rd 1878 to Antonia, youngest daughter of the late Reverand A. A. Holden of Nuttall Temple, Notts; and has issue – (1) Alexander Douglas Mitchell-Carruthers, (Gentleman), born October 4th 1882; (2) Malcolm William Mitchell-Carruthers, (Gentleman), born September 21st 1884; (3) Nigel Laurie Mitchell-Carruthers, (Gentleman), born November 12th 1888 (Gentleman); John Erskine Mitchell-Carruthers, (Gentleman), born January 15th 1891; Margaret Antonia; Emma Mary; and Winifred.

Col Nigel Laurie, Mitchell-Carruthers

Alexander Douglas was an explorer of some renown, dying without issue in 1962, aged 79, his brother Malcolm also died without issue leaving the line of Nigel as the senior line. The latter became a Colonel in the British Army in India and was the grandfather of our Chief.

 The Mitchell-Carruthers Armorial bearings – Quarterly 1 and 4, Gules two chevrons engrailed between three fleur-de-lis Or (Carruthers); 2 and 3 Sable, a fess counter-embattled Argent, between three mascles Or (Mitchell) .

Crests are recorded as ;  Dexter – on a wreath of the liveries, a cherubs head proper. Sinister – on a wreath of the liveries, St Michael in armour holding a spear in his dexter hand, the face neck, arms and legs bare, all Proper, the wings Argent and the hair auburn.

Mottos; Promptus et Fidelis/Virtute Cresco.

This part of the family are contined through Col. Mitchell-Carruthers’ eldest son, Nigel Paul Mitchell-Mitchell-Carruthers, who married Sybil Sholto Douglas, grandaughter of the Marquis of Queensbury, who had issue (1) Bruce Nigel Mitchell-Carruthers, who resides in France and (2) Cecilia Mitchell-Carruthers, whoalso lives in France and is the Clan Commissioner for Europe.

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