Genealogy Research


CARRUTHERS FAMILY RESEARCH GROUPBecause of the serious abuse and bad genealogical research that is being perpetrated, and claiming to represent our family by some, we have decided to organise a research group from within the Society itself.

Accepting that the family has dispered to all corners of the Earth, this group consists of extremely competent individuals who are backed by other experts in their field. To date our genealogists have mainly been researching their own line of the Carruthers family tree, however to ensure that the truth gets out there, we have pulled them together as a team.

The people chosen will, as we do with all false claims, tenaciously scrutinise the assertions being made to ensure that our genealogy remains accurate and transparent.

Their role is to prove or disprove, through evidence, any existing claims, and dovetail proven genealogy into the whole, in order to form an accurate database from which our family and clan can work from.

Once again CCSI is working for the many, not simply the few.


The clan/family researchers to date are:

• Dana Caruthers Norton (USA) Lead

• Gary Carruthers (Australia)

• Pat Carrothers Weber (Canada)

• Janet Carruthers Webb (Zimbabwe)

• Catherine Pavli (Canada)

• Susan Tattersall (UK)

• Arthur Miltenburg (UK)

•Chris Carruthers (USA)

•Laurie Caron Pasher (Canada)


• John Titford MA (Cantab), M ès L (Sorbonne), FSA, FSG. Licentiate of the Institute of         Heraldic and Genealogical Studies  (UK)

• Anthony Maxwell, BA, BSc, Heraldic Artist, Historian and Genealogist  (UK)

Dr. George Carruthers, FSA Scot, Convenor CCSI  (UK)

GC BADGE ARTWORK Chosen Logo-10The Clan Carruthers Society International (CCSI) was founded in January 2017 and is officially recognised by the Chief of Carruthers as representing the worldwide Carruthers family. It is non-commercial, apolitical and non-partisan and is open to any member of the international Carruthers family and derivatives of that name. The Society is based in the United Kingdom, but is represented by an international Executive Council.