Welcome to the Clan Carruthers Society Webpage, the official society of the Border Reiver riding family, Carruthers.

(Please feel free to peruse our many blog posts on the site, regarding the Clan and family of Carruthers)

Our society was the brainchild of Dr George Carruthers who started bringing the family together on the Facebook page ‘Clan Carruthets’ in 2007. We have gathered support of Carruthers from all over the world and this eventually led to its formation in January 2017.

The Society’s purpose, in part was to support the recognistion by the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, the only person who has the legal authority to recognise through marticulation of our Chiefly Arms, a Chief of our Clan and Riding Family.

A research group has also been set up to ensure our family genealogy database is accurate and proofed. This again rules out some of the current false information out there and will progressively offer a solid foundation for all those who are interested in their family tree, to work from.

Modern Accepted Varients of the name Carruthers although not complete: Caruthers, Carrothers, Carrithers, Carothers, Carrodus, Carruthers,  Carrutherys, Carradice, Cardus, Crothers,  Cruddace,  Crowdace,  Cridders, Credeur and many many more.

As a Riding family or Grayne we have lived, loved, fought and died in the border lands of the debatable lands of the Anglo Scottish Border since well before the Norman Invasion.

We have been Lairds, Barons, Knights, Chancellors, Generals, Plantation owners, Advisors to the Scottish Crown, Rustlers, Land Owners, Covenanters, Jacobites, Graynes, supporter of the Knights Templars and involved in the East India Company and the Raj for over three hundred of years.  Our family now cover all corners of the earth, but remain united in their Scottish heritage, history, pride and pedigree.

All of our name and any derivation of the same, are welcome here.

After over 12 years of hardwork and research, a Clan Chief was confirmed on the 19th August 2019 :

Dr S Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers .

Why not join your Society to show your support and help us help you:  www.clancarrutherssociety.org/membership/

GC BADGE ARTWORK Chosen Logo-10The Clan Carruthers Society International (CCSI) was founded in January 2017 and is officially recognised by the Chief of Carruthers as representing the worldwide Carruthers family. It is non-commercial, apolitical and non-partisan and is open to any member of the international Carruthers family and derivatives of that name. The Society is based in the United Kingdom, but is represented by an international Executive Council.