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The Clan Carruthers Society International is extremely pleased to announce that Clan Carruthers, after a gap of 210 years, has again a recognised Chief.

Dr. Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains has been recognised as Chief of Clan Carruthers by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Dr. Joseph Morrow, CBE, KStJ, QC, DL, LLD, the arbiter in determining chiefships through the confirmation of the right to bear the hereditary Chiefly Arms of a clan or family.

In a Decision issued on 19th August 2019, and published on 9th September 2019, the Lord Lyon found Dr. Carruthers “entitled to be recognised in the name, style and title of:

Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers

and maintained, ratified and confirmed the undifferenced Chiefly Arms of Carruthers of Holmains originally matriculated after the Lyons Act, c. 1672”.

This Decision followed nearly 20 months of proceedings before the Lord Lyon, including two hearings of the Lyon Court in Edinburgh, the last of which was held on March 2019, at which Dr. Carruthers was represented by Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, Bt, QC. On 16 November 2019, supporters were granted to the Chiefs Arms by the Lord Lyon.

Dr. Carruthers succeeds his fourth great-grandfather, John Carruthers, 12th of Holmains & Kirkwood (died 1809), the last recognised head of the Carruthers family. John, 12th, was a direct descendant of the first chiefs of Carruthers, dating back to the 13th century.

The Carruthers are an ancient Scottish family from Annandale in the Anglo-Scottish Borders. They were one of the Scottish ‘unruly clans’ named in the 1587 Act of the Scottish Parliament and the Laird of Holmains (Holmends) was one of the chiefs listed. From their origins in Dumfriesshire, Carruthers have spread across the world and are today represented in every continent.

Dr. Simon Peter Carruthers (64) (known as Peter) is an agricultural scientist, with further qualifications in management and theology. For many years he was on the staff of the Centre for Agricultural Strategy at the University of Reading. Subsequently he worked in environmental education and rural policy, in the public and third sectors. Currently, he is Director of a Christian charity that supports the rural church. He is a co-founder and former Chairman of Farm Crisis Network (now the Farming Community Network) in the UK, is a member of the Royal Society of Biology and an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Worcester.

Peter is quoted as saying; “The Carruthers are a unique and special family.  There are many more of us in Scotland, the UK, and around the globe, than people realise! And over the centuries, we have had many distinguished family members, some known and some unsung, who have served their countries and contributed to human flourishing and the common good. It is therefore a great privilege and a sober responsibility, to have inherited the position of Chief of Carruthers, and I will do my best to lead and serve the family in our future together.”

Dr. George Carruthers, FSA Scot, Convenor of the Clan Carruthers Society International, stated:  “Not only is this wonderful news, to have Chief recognised and in place, it also means that with the confirmation of our hereditary Chief, Carruthers are no longer an armigerous clan. It may have taken 12 long years of research, hard work and waiting, but we can now take our rightful place alongside the many other Scottish clans with legally accepted chiefs, and be recognised in our own right as a ‘noble incorporation”.

This is wonderful news for all Carruthers worldwide and more importantly for all of our family who proudly look to Scotland’s heritage and culture for their roots and a sense of belonging. The congratulations we have already received from many across the world, both from Carruthers and members and chiefs of other clans, have been humbling and heart warmingThese messages of congratulations have been conveyed to our Chief, who hopes that this will help gather the Carruthers together under one banner and further encourage other armigerous clans to persevere in seeking to identify and confirm their Chiefs or Commanders, through the auspices of the Lyon Court“.

The Arms of Carruthers of Holmains are: ‘Gules, two chevrons engrailed between three fleur de-lis Or; as seen above. The crest is ‘a seraphim volant Proper’ and the motto, ‘Promptus et fidelis’ (ready and faithful). Dr. Carruthers has petitioned for chiefly additaments, which are expected to be announced soon.

George Carruthers Pottenger 300ADr. G. Carruthers

Convenor, Clan Carruthers Society International


Notes for editors

1. Dr. George Carruthers, FSA Scot, Convenor of the Clan Carruthers Society International, can be contacted at

2. Dr. S. Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of Clan Carruthers, can be contacted at

3, The Clan Carruthers Society International (CCSI) was founded in 2017 and is officially recognised by the Chief of Carruthers as representing the worldwide Carruthers family. It is non-commercial, apolitical and non-partisan and is open to any member of the international Carruthers family and derivatives of that name. The Society is based in the United Kingdom, but is represented by an international Executive Council.

For further details visit the website ( or contact the Society’s Convenor, Dr. George Carruthers, as above.

4. The Lord Lyon’s Decision can be found on the Lyon Court website at


-Carruthers of Carruthers –


  1. William Carruthers, 1st of Carruthers, who died circa 1245 was succeeded by an unnamed son;
  2. Carruthers, 2nd of Carruthers, who was succeeded by his son;
  3. John de Carruthers, 3rd of Carruthers, who was succeeded by his son;

-House of Carruthers of Mouswald-


  1. Thomas Carruthers, 1st of Mouswald, who was succeeded by his brother;
  2. William Carruthers, 2nd of Mouswaldwho was succeeded by his son;
  3. Robert Carruthers, 3rd of Mouswald, who was succeeded by his son;
  4. Simon Carruthers, 4th of Mouswald, who was succeed by his son;
  5. Andrew Carruthers, 5th of Mouswald, who died before 1438 and was succeeded by his son;
  6. John Carruthers, 6th of Mouswald and 1st Baron, died circa 1454 and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  7. Archibald Carruthers 7th of Mouswald and 2nd Baron, who died in 1484 and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  8. Sir Simon Carruthers, 8th of Mouswald and 3rd Baron, who died in 1504 and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  9. Simon Carruthers, 9th of Mouswald and 4th Baron, who died in April 1531 and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  10. Simon Carruthers, 10th of Mouswald and 5th Baron, who died in July 1548 and was succeeded by his distant cousin, descendant of John de Carruthers, 3rd of Carruthers;

-House of Carruthers of Holmains-


  1. John Carruthers, 5th of Holmains and 1st Baron, who died 19th August 1580, and was succeeded by his second son;
  2. George Carruthers, 6th of Holmains and 2nd Baron, who died circa 1592, and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  3. John Carruthers, 7th of Holmains and 3rd Baron, who died in 1616, and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  4. John Carruthers, 8th of Holmains and 4th Baron, who died 27th June 1659, and was succeeded by his grandson;
  5. John Carruthers, 9th of Holmains and 5th Baron, who died September 1694, and was succeeded by his second son;
  6. George Carruthers, 10th of Holmains and 6th Baron, who died 28th May 1727, and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  7. John Carruthers, 11th of Holmains and 7th Baron, who died 5th January 1734, and was succeeded by his only son;
  8. John Carruthers, 12th of Holmains and 8th Baron, who died 20th October 1809, and was succeeded by his eldest daughter;
  9. Christian Carruthers (Mrs John Erskine, younger of Alva), who died 20th October 1859, and was succeeded by her nephew;img-0362.jpg
  10. John Peter Carruthers-Wade, who died 1st March 1873, and was succeeded by his first cousin (once removed);img-0361
  11. Reverend William Mitchell-Carruthers, who died 13th September 1931, and was succeeded by his eldest son;
  12. Alexander Douglas Mitchell-Carruthers, who died 23rd May 1962, and was succeeded by his nephew;
  13. Charles Nigel Simon Carruthers, who died 28th September 1997, and is succeeded by his only son;
  14. IMG_0354Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers, who was born 19th December 1954.

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