Clan Carruthers, Coat of Arms

CLAN CARRUTHERS: A COA -it’s an Achievement

With many questions appearing on the subject on certain pages in social media, some accurate some inaccurate, we came across this excellent piece by Dr Bruce Durie, Shennachie to the Chief of Durie, which with his permission we have chosen to share with you.

Dr Durie is one of the formost experts in Scottish heraldry and genealogy alive to day offering advise on both, and is well sought for as an international speaker and lecturer in circuits celebrating Scottish heritage and culture. He is one of the few recognised Shennachies, recognised by his clan Chief, an ultimate honour in itself, as such we are proud to present his writings here.


  • Information on our own chief and his arms can be found here and here. The Lord Lyons decision on the matter can be found here.

NB Supporters are granted by the Lyon on behalf of the British Monarch and unless of nobility and these days, the supporters are the same but mirrored on both sides of the shield. (The shield remains the property of the Chief and has been recorded as such before 1672)

  • Copy of the Charter which startyed the Holmains line and coprighted to this society and watermarked for the same can be found here
  • A list of living Carruthers armigers can be found here and an explanation of the chiefs arms can be found below.

NB no dragons nor unicorns exist on our Chief’s arms nor any other official or recognised Carruthers arms.

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