Clan Carruthers

CLAN CARRUTHERS: Will the real King Arthur please stand up.

A 1470 reproduction of Évrard d’Espinques’ illumination of the Prose Lancelot, showing King Arthur presiding at the Round Table with his Knights (Wiki)

For those regular readers of our blogs, we are all aware of the nonsense some choose to print, regarding the Carruthers name. None of these more obscure than in claims that, along with most every other famous person in history it seems, King Arthur of legend was a Carruthers.

As a member of the Royal Celtic Society, our convenor, having read this article has therefore asked us to print it. Euan Macpherson has written a well thought out piece in their latest newsletter.

It covers King Arthur, Scotland, Celtic mythology and in fact life as a circumstance, and as such we hope you enjoy the read.

As we can see, the evidence at best, if in fact any remains conjecture, and as with many famous people where claims are being made on our behalf, it remains grossly incorrect.

Carruthers history is a rich tapestry of facts, lots to discover and absorb without loosing track of the truth.

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