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CLAN CARRUTHERS: The Rev. Gary Robert Carruthers – how to abuse the memory of a great and honourable man.

And the LLC/CCIS strike again

The Rev Gary Robert Carruthers.
NB As a member of the authorised and official group: Clan Carruthers Society (International), note the correct and official Carruthers clan badge on the jacket and hat and the Carruthers tartan tie proudly worn by a proud Canadian Carruthers.

It is therefore truly sad when the memory of such a great man as the Rev Gary Robert Carruthers from Ontario, Canada is used to push an agenda or to inaccurately imply membership of a fake Carruthers body in an attempt to gain them some form of credibility.

Graham Carruthers, standing left of the Lord Lyon at the Fergus Festival.

This post has been put together at the behest of Gary’s son Graham, as he feels that misuse of his father’s legacy is unwarranted and definitely without permission.

His concern is that people may think that Graham’s father was in someway linked with the rogue LLC/CCIS, which currently goes by the name Clan Carruthers International Society (LLC), or the people who run it, this is definitely not the case. As such and in conjunction with Graham and with his permission, this post has been published.

Sadly in the past Graham himself has been seriously targeted for abuse by these people (LLC/CCIS) simply because of the work and support he gave to our Society.

As such he is greatly perturbed that his father, who was also a member of our society, is being portrayed, along with his own family, as having any links with this rogue group.

The LLC blog was accompanied by the following post pieve. This led and was linked with the obituary of the Reverend Carruthers, implying he was a member of their group. This is a fake Carruthers site, which in itself is full of serious inaccuracies regarding the Carruthers family ancestry, and genealogy as has been proven through robust scientific DNA research. Therefore, the information they claim to be accurate is not and is simply based on their poor understanding of DNA testing and Carruthers history and as such has no bearing on the current evidence which relates to our family. It is its false claims, and total diregard for the facts relating to our family, that has led to many respectable Carruthers keeping their distance.

Piece in Question.
Note the lack of face on the seraphim badge, and the use of the Bruce tartan, which shows it is not representative of Carruthers

At present (see right), the links they claim relating to this branch of the Carruthers line with regards Dormont through Brydigill, are still being researched through documentation and proofs. Currently this claim is not supported.

Further, the claims of Carruthers ancestry linking to ‘King William I (the Lion), 1142-1214, and many other Scottish Kings to include Kenneth McAlpin’ and the Vikings, Rollo and Ragnar is again pure fantasy.

This is simply a serious misuse and misrepresentation of the current scientific, historical and genealogical data.

Other than the fact that all humans are interlinked in some shape or form, the fact remains that these aforementioned members of Scottish and Viking royalty are not linked to the Carruthers line, neither are they Carruthers in the true sense of the word.

In order to further add to their fakery and total lack of understanding of Scottish clan culture and heraldry, in the same vein as their own photoshopped badge, they have taken the arms of Carruthers of Dormont, currently borne by Jamie Carruthers as is his right, and added the ecclesiastical hat from the arms of the Rev Stanley Arthur Carruthers.

Putting a black line down the centre, does not legitimise their poor artwork or attempt to change the border. This of course again reflects the position of the Canadian Heralds office regarding their (LLC/CCIS) own badge with the dragon and unicorn, which would be illegal to use in Canada.

NB You just cannnot take the arms of another person, especially the Chief of a clan ie Carruthers and add or remove parts at will. This is another typical example of the lack of respect these individuals have for our family and its heritage.

The sad part of it all is that the Rev Gary Robert Carruthers was a highly respected man and is dearly missed by all whose life he touched, and although Gary passed away peacefully last year at Boyne Lodge in Carman, Manitoba, the posting by the LLC/CCIS was only brought to his son’s attention in these last few weeks.

We are therefore proud to again post the obituary here, on the official Carruthers, clan/family page and may he rest in eternal peace. God Bless.

Reverend Gary Robert Carruthers – A great man

Graham’s Father Gary

The Reverend Gary Carruthers was born in February 1945 to the late George Earl Carruthers and Patricia Mae (Burton) Carruthers. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife Jean; his children, Graham, Sara (Trevor); grandchildren, Lauren, Cameron, Grace, Aliyah; siblings, George (Bev), Linda (Howard), Joan (Richard), and the rest of her extended family and friends. Also remembered by Jean’s family: Sheryl (Scott), Paula (Gene), grandchildren Delaney & Emma. In addition, he will be remembered by Jean’s siblings, their families, and the rest of her extended family.

Rev. Gary first served in the United Church of Canada as a student minister at Dashwood and Zurich. After ordination, he served the congregations of Salford and Foldens and then Central United. Gary will be remembered by these congregations, the Presbyteries and his clergy colleagues for his passion and work within the Church and his communities.

Family and friends will fondly remember Gary for his hardworking hands that crafted beautiful woodworking projects and he renovated many homes over the years, including working with Graham to build the beautiful home on College Line.

Gary’s happiest hours were spent being ‘papa’ to the grandchildren, playing, snuggling, teasing and loving each other. Papa’s face beamed so bright when he was around his grandchildren.

Many hours were spent on the golf course where he worked to perfect his golf swing at any opportunity!

Gary loved music: religious music as well as jazz and blues, but no music gave him as much joy as hearing Sara’s voice or Graham’s own works on his keyboard.

Greatly loved by those all around him and by those whose life he touched, he is sadly missed.


A fake site, not representing Clan Carruthers or our chief.

As such, those interested in the Scottish Border clan and family of Carruthers, our history and heritage, please be aware that much of what is published on the following sites is either fabricated or plagiarised from other writers and researchers to include the artwork:







These sites are not run by Carruthers but are run by individuals for their own ends it seems, with the following people strongly linked to them: Pat/Patti/Patricia Fello, Gail Bohannon Gray and Marlyn Armstrong.

They further falsely claim to be a clan in their own right? Sadly this is grossly incorrect as there is only one Carruthers clan and family, orginating from ancient times, in Annandale in the Scottish Borders and it is headed by its chief Peter Carruthers of Holmains. Peter in his role, is confirmed and recognised by the Lord Lyon as Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers and as such retains a hereditary position on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs here in Scotland.

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  1. I enjoyed reading an excellent write-up, and I hope this pays the due respect this fellow deserves. Regards Steve Honey Tasmania

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