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The Council of Scottish Clans & Associations, in conjunction with the Clans And Scottish Societies of Canada, have placed on their websites a Find My Clan link to allow interested parties to locate information on their Scottish clan/family.

As members of both organisations, we have access to this link, although so do the general public.

This is an excellent tool and both organisations should be commended on their work.

FIND MY CLAN: Carruthers

Here is the information that is up on their site there regarding our family:


Motto: Promptus Et Fidelis (Ready and faithful)

Surnames: Carauthers, Cardus, Carithers, Carother, Carothers, Carothers, Carouthers, Carradice, Carrederys, Carrithers, Carrodus, Carrotheris, Carrothers, Carrothis, Carrothorys, Carrothyris, Carruderes, Carruderis, Carruther, Carrutherses, Carruthirs, Carruthoris, Caruderis, Caruthers, Carutherys, Caruthris, Caruyeris, Cerrothers, Corithers, Corrithers, Corruthers, Crathers, Creuder, Cridders, Crouthers, Crowthers, Cruthers, Cruthers, Curthers, Karruther, Karruthers

Lands : Lowlands (Borders)

Chief: Dr Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains

Clan Society:

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