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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Opening the box – the Carruthers site map.

During conversations we are often ask what information is provided on our website. As well as our blogs, which are evidence based, our society offers further researched information on Carruthers, our origins, our family and our ancestral homelands and we therefore include this site map for easy access :-

  • Our Welcome page here does what it says on the can with a subsection.
    • Carruthers at a Glance page giving a brief synopsis of who the Scottish border CARRUTHERS are, outr Chief, our History and our heritage and can be found here here

  • Under the heading The Chief the following can be accessed;
    • information on our Clan Chief, his genealogy and lineage and an interview with him here.
    • There is also a depiction of the Chiefly line circa 1100 to date here.
    • Information on the Chief’s Coat of Arms here
    • The Lord Lyons Decision, on confirming the Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers here
    • A copy of the Charter of 1361 that began the line of Holmains by John Carruthers, younger brother of Thomas 1st of Mouswald and William 2nd of Mouswald, and great Grandson of William de Carruthers, first record of our name is here
    • The Chief’s personal Genealogy chart here

  • The Official Tartan page discusses the story behind it, its representation of our family and its official and legal registration and ownership by the clan here

  • Under the Clan and Family link which gives a more in depth history of our family and its armorial here, the are a few other subsections on our main Cadet lines:
    • Carruthers of Holmains (Chiefs) here
    • Mitchell-Carruthers (1st cousins to the chief) here
    • Carruthers of Dormont, still on the ancestral lands here
    • Living Carruthers Armigers, who currently carry Carruthers arms recognised by the Lord Lyon and listed on the pPublic Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland (1672) here
    • The Border Reivers, of which Carruthers played their part, being listed as one of the 17 Border Clans in the Suppression of Unruly Clans Act of 1587. Information on the Reivers can be found here

  • Information on our Y-DNA Research project, which has allowed us to isolate the Carruthers marker and using the best evidence available, link back to William de Carruthers in the 100’s and beyond here.

  • Clan Video Interview with our Convenor, Dr George Carruthers FSA Scot on the Clan and Family of Carruthers here

  • How to get Membership of the Clan and its Society, by supporting us, we are able to continue to support you for generations to come here

  • We have a list of bespoke Carruthers items for sale here in our Merchandise section that any Carruthers would wish to wear with pride.

  • Our weekly Blogs giving scroll down, well researched information on Carruthers and Scotland for your reading pleasure here

  • Our section on the Society itself again takes us to who and what we are and why we exist at all here with the following subsections:
    • Here can be found a list of our Founding Members
    • And here a list of the members of our Council
    • Contact here
    • Information on Genealogical Research here
    • Clan Map of Scotland, with Carruthers lands clearly demarcated here
    • Some Clan Fact Sheets here

  • A Link to the Clan Carruthers website here

  • Here is a List of all Scottish Clans that the Lord Lyon recognises as being official and having a legally recognised Chief.

  • If you ever feel that you would like to Donate to support us the link is here

  • Links to other recognised and official Carruthers sites here

  • The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, of which our own chief has a hereditary chair, represents Scottish Chiefs and liaises with the Scottish Government and other reputable Scottish organisations such as the Lord Lyon, the Royal Celtic Society, Clans And Scottish Societies of Canada, Council of Scottish Clans & Associations in the US and the Scottish Australian Heritage Council. See here

  • The Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms here, is patented by the British Monarch to regulate and legislate on all things heraldic in Scotland. The Lord Lyon confirms 7 a Chief iof the Name and Arms of a clan./family by granting them permission to bear the Chief’s arms. He liaises and when necessary works closely with the College of Arms in London, the Canadian Heralds Office in Canada.

We hope you enjoy our information

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