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Our society, as official representatives of our chief are in membership of the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) in the USA and the Scottish -Australian Heritage Council (SAHC) in Australasia.

Clan Carruthers Society (International) CCS(I) is also represented on the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) by CCS (Canada) and the regional commissioner Andrew Carruthers. Andrew was commissioned by the hereditary chief of Carruthers; Peter Carruthers of Holmains.

CASSOC’s Patrons are: Charles Edward Bruce, Lord Bruce DL MA MSc FSA Scot, heir to the Chiefship of Bruce and Major The Hon. Sir Lachlan Maclean of Duart Bt. CVO DL 28th Chief of Clan Mclean

Below is our Canadian Commissioner’s report


Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) seeks to act as a link between various Clans and Scottish Societies. They encourage the celebration of Scottish Cultural Heritage and the promotion of Scottish Culture in all its aspects.

They seek to be the assembly of all groups who are pursuing Scottish interests.As such many Scottish Clans and Societies in Canada are members of CASSOC, including Clan Carruthers represented by the Clan Carruthers Society of Canada. CASSOC has a total of 55 members consisting of 39 clans.

Our Commissioner for Canada, Andrew Carruthers, was present to represent Clan Caruthers at the Annual General Meeting of CASSOC for 2021, which took place virtually on Nov 28th. Andrew was commissioned to lead the Canadian region by the clan chief, Peter Carruthers of Holmains.

The CASSOC meeting was chaired by its president, William Petrie. 24 clans or group members were present at the AGM.General AGM housekeeping items were taken care of, such as the appointing the directors and passing the annual budget. 

One of the major areas of focus that came up at the AGM was greater collaboration with other Celtic groups (specifically Welsh and Irish). It was discussed that CASSOC may expand membership to these groups.

The NBSCA has successfully done this with the broader Celtic community in New Brunswick and created a Celtic Affairs Committee which has a combined information tent at the various New Brunswick Highland Games.

The membership was quite receptive of this and is looking forward to exploring greater collaboration with other Celticgroups and societies.

Many typical activities, such as the Toronto Kilt Skate and some Canadian highland games have either been canceled or postponed for 2022.

Find out more details about Canadianevents on the CASSOC events page here:

CASSOC is partnered with ScotlandShop find them at They will promote one of CASSOC’s member clans per month for their Clan of the Monthpromotional. Clan of the month for January was Clan Lindsay.

Those were the highlight takeaways for the 2021 CASSOC AGM.

If you would like to learn more about CASSOC, their website is



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