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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Society Renewals are now due

Dear Clan and family,

It is that time of year when society renewals are due and although they are coming in, this is a reminder that of you wish to be kept on our list, a renewal has to be recieved unless you have Life Membership.

Please note that this year all renewals receive the new passbook to record your Carruthers journey at festivals and as members of the Society.

Also please note that Facebook are changing their function, as such the main page; Clan Carruthers will be going private and only members will have access to it, this is in a similar vein to the weekly blog going forwards.

Renewals can be found here

7 thoughts on “CLAN CARRUTHERS: Society Renewals are now due”

    1. Good morning Jennifer, I’m advised it was sent to the address we have for you but late because we have had covid . If you do not receive anything by the end of this coming week, please let us know.


    2. It has been sent Jennifer. If you do not receive it this week let us know and we will resend

      1. I received it today! Now I need to do a membership fir my father!
        Thanks, Jennifer

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