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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Congratulations Dr Monument FSA Scot.

Kristie, Fynn, Liz and Craig Monument

We are proud to announce that at the Anniversary Meeting and AGM on Tuesday 30th of November, 2021, another of our ranks has been honoured by being accepted as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. As such she is now entitled to use the post nominals; FSA Scot.

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Founded in 1780 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1783, the Society’s purpose is “to investigate both antiquities and natural and civil history in general, with the intention that the talents of humanity should be cultivated and that the study of natural and useful sciences should be promoted”. 

For over 240 years, the Society of Antiquaries have provided expertise, support and resources to enhance and promote the understanding and enjoyment of Scotland’s past around the world. Their function in part, is to facilitate research and innovation, advocating as an independent voice for heritage matters, and sharing knowledge of Scottish history with everyone.

The antiquities that society members, like Sir Walter Scott and Alexander Rhind, originally collected, form the basis of the collection at the National Museums of Scotland (NMS), having been gifted to the nation by the Society in the mid nineteenth century.

Two hundred years on, the Society’s research continues to promote the understanding and conservation of Scotland’s historical and archaeological environment for the benefit of all through the support of their several thousand Fellows spread around the world. All of whom are connected through their interest in Scotland’s past. Their research and evidenced documentation helps individuals and groups such as our Society, maintain and gain access to up to date and factual information on our past, and the Scottish history surrounding it.

Part of their work is increasingly involved in helping to translate the past for a contemporary audience, highlighting its relevance today by publishing high quality books and peer reviewed papers, running an annual programme of lectures and conferences (such as the prestigious Rhind Lectures) and administeing research grants and prizes.

They also act as advocates for the heritage sector, responding to government consultations and chairing meetings and symposia as an impartial voice for Scotland’s past and a focal point for its diverse strands.

To date our society has the following Fellows Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in post.

Dr Lizzie Monument, FSA Scot (CCS(I) Editor at Large)

Dr George Carruthers, FSA Scot (Convenor)

Mrs Dana Caruthers Norton, FSA Scot (Clan Commissioner for the USA)

Mr Gary Carruthers, FSA Scot(Clan Commissioner for Australasia)

Dr Liz Monument PhD FSA Scot

Liz Monument comes originally from South Yorkshire. She studied music at Leeds, then taught for more than twenty years before becoming a full-time novelist, editor and writing coach. Liz’s research interests include; lost aspects of culture and the forgotten roles of women in earlier times. She’s delighted to edit for Clan Carruthers, and is excited to have been nominated, and accepted, as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. 

Like our other volunteers, Liz is a great asset to both the Society and the clan in general. Having just completed her PhD after many years of study, research and lots of hard work, Lizzie succeeded in attaining a Doctorate in Creative Writing in 2021.

This is an accolade much sought after in her line of work and was achieved while working, running a family and still having time to volunteer for us and as such she has to be commended.

We therefore asked her for a small piece on herself on this doubly auspicious occasion of attaining both her PhD and her Fellowship allowing our members to better appreciate those working behind the scenes on their behalf. However, being the humble person she is, she included her family in this bio.

Australia, their new home

In 2017, Liz and her husband Craig Monument relocated from South Yorkshire in the UK, to Geelong, a seaside town on Australia’s Surf Coast.

Their aim was to find more opportunities for themselves and their children, Kristie and Fynn, with the dream of better weather. Knowing nothing of the Surf Coast, the Monuments didn’t realise they’d drawn a short straw with the last one.

On arriving in Australia, Liz changed careers from music teaching to writing and editing, and soon began to help with Clan Carruthers as Editor at Large, while Craig who continued as an IT project manager, became the Clan Carruthers Regional Secretary. As if that wasn’t enough he changed directions, moving from manufacturing, into health care a move he enjoys.

The Monument Children

Both Kristie and Fynn loved their new environment and it wasn’t long until they found their niche. The children were soon immersed in Tae Kwondo and gymnastics, and settled quickly into their new school.

Carruthers connection

Craig’s Carruthers connection came through his mother’s side; Wendy was a Carothers before marriage.

The family were always told stories of the border lands that they used to farm in Annandale. They still have certain items with a distinctly Scottish feel passed down through the generations. These include a shawl, a brooch made with game feathers and a rabbit’s paw. As with so many family histories, much has been forgotten and for this reason they feel that the Society plays an important part in keeping the history of Carruthers, truthful and alive.

Craig recently fulfilled his lifelong ambition of taking part in the Highland Games in Victoria, an activity which he continues to train regularly for. His favourite event is the hammer, which he practices in the garden to the fascination of his children’s and the neighbour’s cats. Liz tends to stay clear of the windows when Craig begins to swing… just in case.

Dr Liz Monument is Editor at Large to Clan Carruthers, and as a writing coach and script editor we are lucky to have her on board.

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