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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Get Ready for Christmas: Official and bespoke, Carruthers merchandise in stock.

We are pleased to announce that the latest additions to the official Carruthers Merchandise have arrived just in time to order for Christmas.

All items are bespoke and reflect the nearly 400 year old Chief’s crest and the Official Carruthers tartan, woven in Scotland and registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

These include:

The Official Carruthers sgian dubhs (black knife) with the official clan crest, which any Carruthers would be proud to wear with their Carruthers tartan kilts.

Official Carruthers cufflinks for those special occasions.

Official Carruthers lapel pin badges, for the day wear.

Official Carruthers kilt pins, which can also be worn by the ladies as a broach

Official cap badges and broaches in both ancient and modern renditions, the former also available in silver.

And of course the current listing of sashes and ties in the Carruthers tartan

For more information see here

Carruthers, a proud Border Reiver clan and family from Annandale, Dumfrieshire, South West Scotland.

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2 thoughts on “CLAN CARRUTHERS: Get Ready for Christmas: Official and bespoke, Carruthers merchandise in stock.”

  1. Who is “legally” able to wear or display the official crest of the Clan Carruthers? I have a flag with the present crest/ coat of arms and would like to display it at our family reunions here in Utah. If it is only for the Clan Chief, is there a crest/coat of arms that “we” are able to wear or display?
    Thank you in advance,
    Steve Carruthers

    1. Yes, you can carry any anything with the crest and arms as long as it is known that they are the crest and arms of the chieftain, shared with the clan.

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