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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Meet our Canadian Board


CLAN CARRUTHERS SOCIETY (CANADA), has been running since 2018 and as full members of the Clans And Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) were represented on their Board in 2019/2020. In that same year, representives of CCS(Canada) Zelda and Graham Carruthers met the Lord Lyon at the Fergus Festival. However it wasn’t until July 2020, that CCS (Canada), finally attained registration as a Non-Profit Organisation in Canada.

In July 2020, Andrew James Carruthers is confirmed as Clan Commissioner for Canada, by Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers.


Andrew James Carruthers (London, ON)

Andrew lives in southwestern Ontario near London and currently works in life insurance for Canada Life.

He attended Western University at Huron campus and graduated in 2018 with a specialization in history.

At University he served as the Speaker of the Students’ Council and General Assembly and later on their executive as the Vice-president of Finance.

Andrew’s area of study and interest is early modern European history, covering from the renaissance to the first World War. His interest in European history plays a big part in his interest and enjoyment in Carruthers family history, which he inherited from his father, James, and his grandfather Archie.

Both his father and grandgfather visited Scotland multiple times in order to further research the genealogy of the family, and in na similar vein he looks forward to following in their footsteps and experiencing first hand the history of Scotland, which he has read so much about.

Andrew is an active collector of stamps and coins, sticking mainly to Canadian but finds himself involved in some form of politics or other, often times helping out on local campaigns. 

As Commissioner, appointed by the Chief himself, he is very much looking forward to meeting and welcoming everyone at a Clan Carruthers gathering, here in Canada at some point in the future.


Janet Carruthers Rossiter (Moncton, NB)

Janet is Vice Commissioner for Clan Carruthers Canada. She has been interested in her family’s history for many years.  Born and raised in Southeastern New Brunswick, she learned that her Great X5 Grandfather had left Scotland, in 1832, moving to Kent County, New Brunswick. 

Janet’s father, John Carruthers, was both born and raised in that same area of Kent County.  When her son started to play the bagpipes it set Janet on a journey to try to better understand her Scottish heritage

After some research, Janet learned in 2018 about the origins of Clan Carruthers and excitedly watched them attain official Clan status! This led her to helping spread the word about the Clan and the society and being happy to assist, joining the board. 

She has found it a wonderful experience to contact so many Carruthers cousins, share stories, and reserch genealogical connections.  

Janet is married and the mother of 3 children whom she enjoyed homeschooling during which she enjoyed telling them many stories about their Scottish heritage and family genealogy.    

The wonderful sights at the Highland Games stirred her soul and intrigued her with the clans displaying their pride and the competing bagpipe bands! Janet is a proud member of the Board, and is stil;l learing about her family heritage from South Western Scotland.


Laurie Carruthers Caron (Cape Breton, NS)

Laurie is the Secretary-Treasurer and Director of Genealogy for Clan Carruthers-Canada.  She has been studying genealogy for almost 20 years and has assisted numerous people over that time in circumventing their brick walls. 

It was Laurie’s brother and sister who inspired her interest in the family tree.  They had started the project back in the days when the internet did not exist, travelling the world and digging into paper archives to obtain records. 

Building on their compiled information, Laurie took the project into the computer age and into the world of DNA discoveries thus extending her research services to friends and family.  Her retirement goal is to become a professionally certified genealogist. She is involved, along with our other senior Clan Genealogists in assisting in and monitoring the Clan Carruthers yDNA Research Project. This is being carried out to the highest standards, ro ensure both privicy and accuracy.

Laurie’s mother, Darlene, is a Carruthers, hence her affiliation with Clan Carruthers.  With thanks to Laurie’s uncle and her mom’s cousin, who kindly submitted yDNA tests for their Carruthers male line, recent DNA triangulation results have proven that Laurie is a descendant of the Guileburn line of the Carruthers family. 

Laurie is a mother of 4, and a grandmother of 4, and currently resides on Cape Breton Island.  Her life-long career as a customs broker has given her the opportunity to travel Canada extensively and be able to stay in touch with close relatives and meet many new distant cousins. 


Michael C Carruthers (Petrolia, ON)

Michael’s journey into his Carruthers heritage began when he was contacted by his cousin V. Clyde Carruthers.

He had began a Carruthers Family Tree around 45 years ago having traced the family back to the late 1700s. Michael’s branch of the family came over from Scotland in 1854 and settled in Hagersville, Ontario where a number of them still reside within a couple of hours drive from/ to there.

Michaels interest didn’t peak until the early 2000s, after he had communicated with the Lord Lyon, many Parishes and Town & City clerks and all the Royal Post.  This interest led him to make contact with Dr George Carruthers, Clan Convenor in 2017, via Facebook and email. 

During the late 2019 health issues prevented his goals within the society from coming to fruition and technically became a recluse although he never lost touch with the Society completely. Early this year having improved health, he again opened communication with George and decided to get reacquainted with the CCSI & CCSI (Canada) in particular.

As an individual he has always had an interest in both Scotland and Scottish History.  His father served with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers out of Edinburgh during WWII.  The Carruthers name is no stranger to the KOSB, as many times from it’s beginning in 1689 to present day the KOSB have recruited from Dumfriesshire and surrounding areas tominclude many with the family name. The KOSB were a lowland regiment and therefore, reflecting their cultural base, they didn’t wore kilts. 

When Michael was old enough (actually not quite old enough) to  join the Reserves, he joined the local highland Regiment which gave him a whole new perspective into Scottish Military History, remaining his favourite part of his reading matter vand research.

Michael is a member of the KOSB Regimental Assoc., The Essex and Kent Scottish Regimental Assoc., the St. Andrew’s Society, a member of the Order of St John (the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem), the St Vincent de Paul Society and is a 4th Degree of the Knights of Columbus. He is also in membership of the Army Cadet League of Canada (ON), and the Royal Canadian Legion. 

Michael was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration (and bar) for long service (12 years) the bar is equivalent to a second medal (22 years) as well as the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, celebrating 60 years of the throne in 2012.  This was awarded to 60,000 Canadians for honourable service or for outstanding achievement or public service.

I look forward to sharing and increasing my limited knowledge ofthe Carruthers name and folklore as well as Scottish traditions and history. Proud to be a Board member of the CCS (Canada).

Michael also produces shirts, hats and car decals with the official Carruthers clan badge on them. An example is shown in the shirt he is wearing.


Harold John Carruthers (Glencoe, ON)

Harold John Carruthers was born to John McGhie Carruthers and Anna Myrtle Smith on March 28, 1946 in Glencoe, Ontario. he has two sisters-Connie and Karen.

Harold married Lynnda Lee Pole on September 2, 1967 and was blessed with two daughters, Tanya Carruthers-Nagy (Nathan) and Natasha Kalita (Joe) and are further blessed with 4 grandchildren, Emilee, Zachary, Brayden and Kasia.

Harold’s father was a farm equipment dealer for many years from 1932-1977 and Harold began working with him in 1965 until 2006, when he started a hardware business until my retirement.

History was Harolds favourite subject in school and he suspects that what first piqued his interest in history was sitting on my grandmother Carruthers’ knee, with her showing me old family pictures and letters from Scotland.

She would patiently explain to me who each person was and what their connection was to our family. I was only about 6 or 7 years old at the time.

In the year 1966, my grandmother Carruthers passed away leaving him with the nagging thought of why he hadn’t paid more attention or asked more questions of the stories she had shared with me over the years.

From that time on, Harold became very invested in the Carruthers family’s history. This interest extended to all aspects of family genealogy and area history over the last 55 years.

As such Harold is renowned as a Historian being a member of the Glencoe Historical Society, the Genealogical Society, the Ontario Archives, LACAC Group and Registrar Lands. He is also a member of the Dumfries and Galloway History Society, is a Masonic Historian, Oliver Tractors group and the historian for Clan Carruthers Society (Canada)


Rob Carruthers (Petawawa, ON)

Bio to follow

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