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CLAN CARRUTHERS: At the Stone Mountain Highland Games, Georgia


The Stone Mountain Highland Games took place on October 16-17, 2021 in picturesque grounds of the Stone Mountain Park meadow. The event is a short drive northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, which has resounded with the sounds of bagpipes, fiddles and harps during the third weekend in October since 1972.

Each year, thousands of Scots (even those that wish to be ‘Scot for the Day’) from around the world will don their family tartans and gather to greet old friends and make new ones too. It is renowned as offering a friendly atmosphere for both families and individuals who wish to celebrate their Scottish culture and heritage.

It is an occasion to enjoy the Highland Athletic events, Highland Dancing, Piping & Drumming and Scottish Harping as well as offering participation in the Scottish Country Dancing demonstrations, Kirking of the Tartans, and the Parade of Tartans.

There are of course commercial outlets where you can shop for Scottish item’s and clan tents where you can learn about your history and society, in our case CCS-USA a regional branch of Clan Carruthers Society (International).

However, in these times, the focus was on the safety of their guests as well as following the park and government mandates augmented by the advice from medical authorities, including that of our own CDC in Atlanta.

Adjustments to their plans in light of the current and ever changing circumstances to add separation in the clan, vendor and other areas as well as with respect to opening and other ceremonies and massed band performances and Parade of Tartans.

Even with the adjustments, Stone Mountain Highland Games will provided the finest Scottish experience in the Southeast. Friday events stared at the Host Hotel with lectures, dance gala, and receptions. On Saturday and Sunday, the meadows and meandering tree-lined paths were transformed into the impressive mix of sights and sounds of a Scottish Highland Games, presented in a uniquely southern style. Reported by many in attendence, another great success.

Carruthers at the Stone Mountain Highland Games

John and David at the Games with their Clan Carruthers tent.

Carruthers are proud to announce that they have embarked on a new journey at Stone Mountain, in Georgia.

Even with the restrictions in place and in true Reiver spirit, we were represented by two direct line descendants John and David Carruthers off a first generation Scottish American; John Carruthers. Within the Carruthers lines, especially that of Holmains, John was a popular name for the eldest son.

David, John and Bill Carruthers a cousin from North Carolina

David Calvin Carothers, is the youngest son of John Keiffer Carothers as the youngest of the name known in the south east region, has proudly taken on the duty of custodian and our Society representative for Georgia and the annual South Mountain Highland Games for today and many years to come.

Carruthers Tartan can be purchased within the US, directly from the Clan’s weavers the House of Edgar based in Perth, Scotland through two main suppliers: USAKilts in Pennsylvania and Atlanta Kilts, here in Georgia.

The Chief, Society and clan thank them for all their hard work in represnting us in Georgia.

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