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2021 ccsI society banner.jpegWhy Join the Clan Carruthers Society – International (CCS-I)

Well…… you have Carruthers in your bloodline? Are you proud of your Carruthers and Scottish associations? Would you like to make connections with others of our ilk and find out more about your ancestry and history?

Anyone with any Scottish blood surging through their veins and a deep seated respect in their name may well feel a strong affinity with and pride in, their Caledonian ancestry. Therefore the wish to know more of the family’s origins, achievements, culture and the role they played in both Border and Scottish History, is well researched and available through our Society.

The Clan Carruthers Society-International is the go to place for evidenced material on the Border Reiver Clan Carruthers and it is used as a reliable source by outside agencies wishing to receive accurate and up to date information on our family.

chiefs arms with mantling red and silver 2It was also a major player in the process leading up to the confirmation and re-establishment of our Chiefly line, and our Chief, Carruthers of Holmains has authorised the CCS-I to represent our clan and family internationally. To date we have representatives in Africa, Australasia and Oceania, Canada, Europe, UK and the USA and have been accepted as members in the regional groups covering those areas where they exist.

So Join Us!

PIN BADGE.pngYou too can be a member of the official Scottish Border Clan Society for Carruthers and as such, you will have all the rights and privileges due to all members loyal to their Clan.

Membership of the Society includes:

  • signed certification by our Chief.
  • weekly evidenced blog on Carruthers, Border Reivers or Scotland.
  • bi-annual Journal-Promptus et Fidelis.
  • access to our regional Societies and events.
  • newsletter from organisations we are in membership of: in the US (COSCA); Canada (CASSOC); Scotland (RCS) and Australia (SAHC).
  • access to our excellent Clan Genealogists.
  • access to the Clan yDNA Project.
  • discounts on Clan Carruthers merchandise.
  • interaction with our global Clan community.

Remember, those who get the most out of being a member of the Clan Carruthers Society are those who participate and we welcome you all.

Membership is open to all who are Carruthers or derivatives of our name and following Scottish tradition, for those who just want to be associated with one of the oldest Border Reiver clans and families, associate membership is available on request.

So Join us and help us to promote our name, our history and our culture.

To become a Society member, please complete the online Membership link 

We encourage you to complete the online Membership Application, and include payment for your Regular (individual), Family,  Life or Associate membership.

Even in such a year as 2020 our work and growth has never stopped. Here are our successes and achievments over these last 12 months.

2020: Work Continues

  1. January, as there was a new Chief in place adopting an existing registered tartan as his Clan tartan, the Carruthers tartan (STR11700) required consideration by the Lord Lyon. This was given and subsequently the category and registration was changed from Personal to Clan/Family by the Scottish Register of Tartan to reflect this.
  2.  Clan Carruthers announced it would be in attendance, at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, North Carolina, represented by CCS-USA. Cancelled due to COVID
  3. February, Liz Monument from Australia, appointed Editor of the Clan Society blog pages.
  4. Carruthers Clan Chief: Peter Carruthers of Holmains, is invited to join the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.
  5. CCS-Australia, extends its Board to include Australasia and Oceania.
  6. March, CCS-Aus & Oc are accepted as members of Scottish-Australian Heritage Council
  7. Laurie Carruthers Caron Pasher is appointed as a Clan and Society Genealogist for Canada.
  8.  CCS-USA is accepted by the IRS for non-profit status in America.
  9. June, Liz Monument, Australia, announced as joint Editor of the CCS-I Journal: Promptus et Fidelis
  10. July, Clan Carruthers Society – Canada, attains registration as a Non-Profit organisation in Canada
  11. Andrew James Carruthers, Clan Commissioner for Canada, confirmed in his role by the Chief.
  12. August, Ian Leslie Hewett Carruthers, Clan Commissioner for the Africa, confirmed in his role by the Chief.
  13. Andersons Kiltmakers in Dumfries, Dumfriesshire become suppliers of the official Carruthers tartan.
  14. September, International Executive Council meeting held with the Chief and his heir.
  15. Interview by the Society Convenor with former Lyon Clerk and current Snawdoun Herald, Mrs Elizabeth Roads.
  16. October, Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains, elected onto the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs as the hereditary Chief of Carruthers.
  17. Clan Badges redesigned and produced, based on the clan crest of the Chief.
  18. November, Clan Convenor, Dr George Carruthers FSA Scot, is honoured by an invitation to the Incorporation of Hammermen of Edinburgh, who received their seal of cause in 1484, which he accepted.
  19. Harold John Carruthers, accepts role of Clan Historian for Canada.
  20. The yDNA research group, along with our clan genealogists conjoin to set up a closely monitored archive of the Carruthers DNA map and Family Tree. This will be based on evidenced documented facts and robust DNA research.
  21. Gary Carruthers FSA Scot, Clan Commissioners of Australasia and Oceania, elected into fellowship of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland for his good works on Carruthers Genealogy.
  22. CCS-I advised by the author Gordon MacGregor that Carruthers will be included in the Red Book of Scotland, the definitive, evidenced based and well researched academic series of historical and genealogical texts. 
  23. December, CCS-I registered as a Not for Profit organisation with the HMRC (UK Tax and Customs).

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