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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Ancient History Plaque

There are a host of commercial suppliers of Scottish clan and family coats of arms and surname histories to the general public. This is usually sold under the guise that the arms included are the arms of the family or clan named.  However the arms of the clan or family belong to the Chief and not the family as a whole. Even if the Name is armigerous ie no chief, then the arms still not belong to the wholw clan or family.

Attached to these arms may be the ‘Surname’ history, which is sadly not always fully accurate.

As many of the questions we recieve, relate to inaccurate information sold as fact with regards Carruthers. With this in mind, we have as a Society, produced our own, which is based on the current documented evidence.

It does not carry the Chiefs full arms, ie the crest, motto, supporters and compartment, but rather only the main part of the arms, which is the Chief’s shield.

Please find below a sample:


Clan Carruthers Society WP footnote grey Final to use


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  1. What is the content of the Carruthers “Coat of Arms” that the average Carruthers can wear or display?

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