Clan Carruthers, Lord Lyon

Clan Carruthers: Another Border Clan has a Chief confirmed by the Lord Lyon.

We are very pleased to announce that another Scottish Border Clan has had a Chief confirmed and will, like Carruthers, progressively be invited to join the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

Although an arduous process to follow, and not for the faint-hearted nor in fact for the unscrupulous, as it requires facts and robust evidence to proceed, the Lord Court is the only route to take to achieve legal status of a Scottish Clan.



There is only one route for official and international recognition of a Scottish Clan and that is through the confirmation of a Clan Chief. Only one individual holds that authority: the Lord Lyon King of Arms, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Without a Chief, the Clan remains armegerous.

Although the Lyon’s legal jurisdiction is within Scotland, the recognition of his authority, through his strict analysis of the facts, has enhanced the Lyon’s reputation internationally.

The Lyon takes the proofs and evidence from a petition to his office and ensures, genealogically, that the individual applying to bear the Chiefly arms is entitled to do so and can be confirmed as such. This eliminates fraudsters and charlatans from making claims that they are not entitled to, in respect of a Scottish Clan or Family.

Once the analysis is completed and found proven, this legally takes the clan from armigerous status to that of a ‘Noble Incorporation’ and is recognised worldwide by all those who remain proud of their Scottish heritage. The titles ‘Chief of the Name and Arms of ..(in this case Pringle, in our case Carruthers)’ is awarded.

However, not all current Clan Chiefs are Scottish, as there are heads of clans living in Australia, Canada, and the US of A to name but a few. However, what is guaranteed is that they will be fully entitled to hold the Name and Arms of that Clan or Family only if they have been confirmed as such by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. All others are not recognised and should be avoided at all cost.

So who are Clan Pringle?


Doc6.jpegThe Clan is represented internationally by the Clan Pringle Association 

Clan Pringle have been armigerous (without a chief) since 1737, so there are similarities between this Clan and or own.

The records show that the first use of the name dates back to the mid-13th century in the reign of Alexander III (1215-1245). This is not abnormal as it was only during this period in Scottish history that surnames were adopted. Time-wise, it mirrors the first record of the use of Carruthers when it is recorded that William of Carruthers made a donation to Newbattle Abbey.

Again, like Carruthers and many other Border names, Pringle is topographical, that is, taken from a place, rather than being patronymic as is the case with many highland clans.

Coming from the East March of the Scottish Borders just North of Galashiels, Pringles were also Reivers, but unlike Carruthers were not mentioned in the Unruly Clans Act of 1587.

Their main seat is Torsonce on the Gala Water.

Again, like Carruthers, they were supporters of Bruce, and after the Battle of Bannockburn, in 1315 they received a charter to become Lairds of Whitsome.

 Cadets off the Chiefly line include:

  • Pringles of Torwoodlee
  • Pringles of Haining
  • Pringles of Newhall
  • Pringles of Lochton


Old illustration of the Chief of Clan Pringle
Their Society are pleased to announce that Sir Norman Murray Archibald MacGregor Pringle of that Ilk and of Stichill, 10th Baronet, has been confirmed as Chief of the Name and Arms of the Honourable Clan Pringle.

In 2009, Murray Pringle officially petitioned the Lord Lyon, King of Arms (the Heraldic Authority in Scotland), for recognition as the Chief of the Name and Arms of the Honourable Clan Pringle, however the case was delayed until his claim for the Stichill Baronetcy was resolved.

After he successfully claimed his Baronetcy, he attended the Lyon Court on 27th June 2019 in Edinburgh, where the Lord Lyon heard Sir Murray’s petition. This was after the final and successful hearing for confirmation of a Carruthers Chief.

Sir Murray’s case was successful and the Lord Lyon has recognized his entitlement to the chiefship.

Their clan Association invites all Pringles and we suggest all those interested in Scottish Clan Law, Culture and Genealogy read the official documents from the Lyon Court.

The Lord Lyons judgment also appears here:


Pringle_of_Torsonse_arms.svg.pngThe Chiefs Ancient Arms: Argent on a bend Sable, three escallops Or, with supporters dexter a deer and sinister a greyhound. Crest: An Escallop Or Motto: Amicita reddit Honores (Friendship before Honour) Although Sir Norman has been granted the undifferenced Arms of Pringle of that Ilk with supporters and additaments, the blazon of the arms, standard and pinsel are currently being discussed.

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