Clan Carruthers, USA

Clan Carruthers: US Clan Gathering


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  1. Thank you for organizing this society and posting your information online. My great-grandfather was George M. Carrothers, whose father, John Carrothers, immigrated as a child from Ireland in 1813. As best I can tell, their family goes back to the Reivers of the time of King James I. John married Elizabeth Laird in 1833. They raised their family on a farm they pioneered in Crawford County, Ohio. When the Civil War broke out, my great-grandfather George and most of his male classmates at Oberlin College joined the Union Army. George was severely wounded, but he recovered after a few years and went to became a successful real estate developer in Findlay, Ohio. When he and my great-grandmother retired they donated their estate to be used as the president’s residence at Findlay College. My grandfather, George B. Landis, was an employee of the national YMCA. He met my grandmother at Findlay College when he was taking a post-graduate course and she was teaching music. George and Minnie Myrtle named their first-born son William Carrothers Landis and their third son Laird.
    Thanks again for preserving our family’s history.

    Dick Landis
    2390 Clarke Crest Dr.
    Dubuque, IA 52001

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