Clan Carruthers

CLAN CARRUTHERS: ‘Unruly’ Border Clans update

The 1587 Act of Parliament set the scene for the end of the Reiver lifestyle and the leaving by many families to other parts of Scotland as well as England, Ireland and overseas ie the colonies, India, Canada and Australia as well as others.

Carruthers as a family, were mentioned in the Act as one of the 17 Border Clannis (clans) along with 33 from the Highlands and Islands and our rich history tells a story of why we were included.

Further information on the Act itself can be found here.

3 thoughts on “CLAN CARRUTHERS: ‘Unruly’ Border Clans update”

    1. Yup most certainly to the colonies but also to India, Australia and Canada as well as other smaller places, hence the term overseas?

  1. My dna is mostly Scottish, 20% English (born in Carlisle) and 6% Ulster Irish. Guess this will be the Ulster move

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