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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Its now available: the Official Carruthers clan plaque.

Official CARRUTHERS wall plaque is now available.

Like all tasks that are worth doing, they are worth doing right and these things take time. This is especially true when there is a legal process to follow in order to gain that individual recognition and respectability within Scottish clan society both at home and abroad.

If only it was as simple as making up a badge, claiming someone else’s’ tartan, ignoring our history culture and heritage and just duping the public, but sadly it isnt. To ensure it has legs it has to be right, as we are doing this for all of our name who carry it with pride and for the many generations to come.

Therefore, in line with all other Scottish clans and before we could really contemplate covering accurate merchandise peculiar to our name we really had to:

  1. Have the evidence and history to back up our claims as a Scottish clan/family in our own right (done)
  2. Prove and have a Chief in place, confirmed and recognised by the Lord Lyon. (done)
  3. Have a tartan recognised by the Scottish Register of Tartans as our official Clan/Family tartan. (done)
  4. Have it commercially produced in Scotland and available worldwide to the tartan trade.(done)
  5. Gained international acceptance, which we did through membership of COSCA, CASSOC, SAHC. (done)
  6. Hold or be able to hold a seat on the Standing Council of Scottish Clans. (done)
  7. Have the historical elements in place to attain and keep recognition and acceptance by respectable commercial outlets. (done)
  8. Have a respectable and recognised Society in place to support the above (done)

With all this achieved and it has been achieved by hard work, we are able to hold dialogue with top quality retailers and manufacturers on your behalf.

So where did we go from here?

So rather than relying on those with a commercial agenda who will peddle inaccurate merchandise and information to our family, through the foundation of our ancient history we felt that we deserved to have access to everything that any other proud Scottish clan has available to it.

For this reason we keep looking to fill any gaps and a high quality and accurate Carruthers Clan Plaque was the next thing on our agenda.

Due to the time and workload of our Scottish manufacturer, it has taken a wee while to get the wheels turning, but it has happened. We have of course given permission for them to use our official and ancient clan crest, thus ensuring that what is produced does in fact represent our family.

The quality tartan backing, with its historic meaning woven into its threads, is of course Carruthers and comes direct from our weavers in Perthshire. This gives the whole item completeness and allows our clan crest to be proudly and accurately displayed upon it.

We would therefore like to thank ScotCrest, based in Inverclyde in Scotland for the superb job in producing our very own wall plaque. This plaque has proudly joined the many others available on their website listings and progressively, Carruthers will be included in all their merchandise.

To ensure that our Society members are gaining a benefit, outwith owning a great piece of Carruthers history, a discount code will be distributed to all current subscribing Society members as well as our officials worldwide, in the next week.

For those not subscribing members, who wish to purchase the new plaque and will not be eligible to receive the discount code, information to buy can be found here on the manufacturers website.

Why did we as a Society feel a Carruthers plaque was important ?

Well, as they say ‘ a picture paints a thousand words‘ especially if it is accurate and also because to date the only decent wall plaques available to us would wrongly show the clan crest and motto of the family of Bruce, placed on one of their commonly used tartans ie mainly the the Bruce Modern or Bruce Ancient.

Alternatively, those that do carry the Carruthers name very often carry a cheap or inaccurate copy of our crest and again incorrectly sitting upon one of the registered Bruce tartans.

Therefore, for many of us who knew and understood our history and appreciated our chiefly line going back over 800 years in Scotland, this was a situation that really needed to be rectified.

With this in mind and in order to correct the gross inaccuracies and mistakes made in the past by commercially minded individuals, your Society has liaised with the premier clan wall plaque manufacturer here in Scotland.

They have used our official clan crest with permission and designed and produced a plaque specifically for the Border clan/family of Carruthers which reflects our ancient Scottish name, history and heritage.

The official CARRUTHERS plaque is therefore accurate in its representation and is available from the supplier, further our clan/family crest is proudly listed, along with the other noble Scottish clans on the Scotcrest website.

We are sure it will make an excellent addition to the home or office of any CARRUTHERS, anywhere in the world, giving us the opportunity to visually announce with pride ‘ We are Carruthers and remain ready and faithful‘.

This is the real deal and does what it says on the box, as such we really hope you and your family will enjoy it for many generations to come.

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