Clan Carruthers

CLAN CARRUTHERS: How heavy should your kilt be.

Here is a piece from the weavers of the Clan/Family Tartan of Carruthers ie the House of Edgar, which answers the occasional question we get relating to what is the best weight of cloth to make a kilt.

Based on advise and accepting the worldwide spread of clans people and their climate, the CARRUTHERS tartan is woven as a medium weight weave to cover the production of kilts, trews, dresses and skirts. This is the most versatile of weights and still hangs very well.

The Carruthers tartan

It seems that our choice was correct as this has become the most popular weight to be used in modern day kilts, see the piece below.

How heavy should a kilt fabric be?

For most kilt-making, our 13-14 ounce medium weight tartans offer the perfect balance of excellent looks and all-year-round comfort.  There are no particular benefits to going for a heavier fabric, but choosing your kilt is a very individual process and some customers may prefer to wear a heavier weight.  There is no “right” weight and is very much a matter of personal choice.

Although we are known as the “go to” mill for medium weight fabrics, we do also offer a fully stock-back service on heavyweight kilt fabrics. Our Nevis collection offers a timeless range of the very best in heavy weight 16-ounce kilt fabrics. 

There are over 60 beautiful tartan designs to choose from covering many of the most popular tartans.  They are available from stock as double-widths, with tuck-in selvedges, and they are exclusively from The House of Edgar. 

Our sales team would be happy to assist you with your Nevis tartan enquiries!

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