Clan Carruthers

CLAN CARRUTHERS: CASSOC registers its own tartan in Scotland.

A tartan is a very specific part of the visual identity of the clan, family, individual, district or group who have registered it.

It is distinct to them and ownership should not be claimed without permission as it would require a legal tranfer to do so. To be recognised officially, each tartan along with the sett and threadcount (the tartan DNA as it were) will be registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans.

Without this ‘DNA’ it cannot be accurately reproduced by the weavers, nor in fact woven commercially. The Carruthers tartan is woven by the oldest family run weavers in Scotland, that of the House of Edgar and is available to the kiltmaking trade worldwide through them.

NB: The false claims by the rogue American LLC group, of ownership of the Ancient Bruce is both disrespectful and dishonest. As we can see here, although they suggest they ‘took’ it because ‘no one else was using it’, Bruce proudly display this tartan on their site.


The Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC), is an organization for organizations. They are the link between the various Clans and Scottish Societies. They encourage the celebration of our Scottish cultural heritage and the promotion of this Scottish culture in Canada in all its aspects. They seek to be the assembly of all groups in Canada who are pursuing Scottish interests.

CASSOC’s patrons are:

  • Charles Edward Bruce, Lord Bruce DL MA MSc FSA Scot, who is the son and heir of the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, chief of the family of Bruce
  • Major The Hon, Sir Lachlan Mclean of Duart and Morven BT, CVO DL, who is the Chief of Clan Mclean.

In their role as the link between the various Clans and Scottish Societies in Canada they also work closely with the following:

  • Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) in the US,
  • Scottish Australian Heritage Society (SAHC) in Australia,
  • Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs (SCSC) in Scotland,
  • Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland.

Our own society Clan Carruthers (International) is in membership of CASSOC, COSCA, SAHC as well as the Royal Celtic Society in Scotland and our chief Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains holds a hereditary seat on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.


According to the Scottish Register of Tartan in their registration notes, the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) is a federally chartered non-profit charity in Canada. Since its foundation in 1975 its mandate has been to advance Scottish Cultural Heritage in Canada.

Through a collaborative process, the membership designed this tartan which was formally adopted November 17th, 2022. Colours: red and white are drawn from the National Flag of Canada; black and green are from the additional colours in CASSOC’s logo and blue is intended to represent the St Andrew’s Cross or Saltire.

As of today, the 4th of April 2023, it has been formally included in the Tartan Register with the reference number 13861. It joins many other registered tartans to include those of our own Carruthers tartan and those of Bruce, to name just two.

All tartans are assigned through their registered components and belong to the clan or name who owns the rights to them, As such Mclean is Mclean, Bruce is Bruce and Carruthers is Carruthers. This is irrelevant of the suffix or prefix ie ancient, weathered, modern etc, the ownership of the tartan is in the name.

Gathering of the Heirs of Scottish Chiefs

Left to Right; Charles, Lord Bruce, Dr George Carruthers, Ronald Watt OBE ORS (March 2023)

As an aside, our Clan Convenor had the great pleasure of attending an OSS awards ceremony at the home of the Earl of Elgin at Broomhall House in Fife, Scotland, in March 2023, hosted by Charles, Lord Bruce.

It was here that he advised us that he himself had hosted another event only the previous month. He told our Convenor that it was a Gathering for the Heirs of Scottish Clan Chiefs. We are informed it was very well attended and Carruthers were very well represented through young Holmains, heir to the chiefship of our clan and family.

It also seems that the journey we as Carruthers took in locating our senior of the chiefly line and then supporting him in his petition and again right through to his confirmation as Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers by the Lord Lyon, was highlighted and applauded.

Charles, Lord Bruce further explained to the gathering group that our Convenor, Dr George Carruthers had had long chats with him prior to starting our journey, and the impression was that he was very supportive and highly delighted at the outcome.

Use of LLC Arms in Canada

NB: As a postscript, it was through CASSOC at the time who had kindly contacted the Canadian Herald’s Office to check the legitimacy and acceptance of the use of the LLC badge in Canada. It was confirmed that the ‘LLC arms’ were not permitted in Canada.

Stealing arms of a Scottish chief, going back over 400 years and adding bits and bats, does not constitute an accepted set of Arms. This is more especially if you are claiming (inaccurately) to represent that Scottish clan and Family and most certainly not through Heraldic Authorities who recieved their Letters Patent from the Monarch or in fact any other respectable heraldic organisation.

Now know Ye that We, by and with the advice of our Privy Council of Canada, do by these presents authorize and empower Our Governor General of Canada to exercise or provide for the exercise of all power and authorities lawfully belonging to Us as Queen of Canada in respect of the granting of armorial bearings in Canada.

— From the Letters Patent,1988

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