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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Winning the war, not just the battles.

Scotland Shop are now stocking Carruthers items covering a wide range of merchandise and includes our own clan page. This is another step forward for us.

Considering our family have only been legally and officially recognised by the Lord Lyon since 2019, and our tartan although registered in 2017, was only listed as the official clan/family tartan since the same year, we have worked hard to get that information out there.

Since the mid 1900’s, when commercial businesses added smaller families without chiefs to bolster the buying power of larger ones, Carruthers has always been seen as a sept of Bruce and had therefore worn their tartan. As such and in preparation for us having a chief after 210 years and to differentiate us from Bruce, a Carruthers tartan was commissioned and registered.

Although we are now officially recognised, the need to ensure our family is being accurately portrayed still remains. This is partly down to the rogue group in the US making their false claims regarding our family, its history and its heritage and partly due to us being the ‘new kids on the block’ regarding official status.

To counteract the nonsense and push the facts and evidence that is available, after discussion with those who’d been kind enough to advise us on our path to official status, we felt it important that the truth relating to Carruthers be continually shared to Scottish clan society both at home and abroad, hence our weekly blogs.

By virtue of the family being recognised and us as a Society ensuring we always crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s on our path to official status, those who followed the decisions of the Lord Lyon were already aware of our new status.

This in turn led to respectable organisations and gatherings disallowing false claims of Chiefs or Chieftains of our name being perpetuated. It also ensured, in the case of Canada and the UK that the unrecognised badge used by the rogue group, incorporating our chief’s Arms, was deemed illegal for use.

This is because no respectable heraldic authority, as exists in Scotland, England and Canada would sanction the use of someone else’s arms ie Chief of Carruthers or the use of supporters ie a dragon and a unicorn, when the individual/s is/are not entitled to do so.

We knew it would take time to have commercial outlets recognise our clan/family status and list us on their websites as such and although those things would naturally occur in time, we still had to be proactive in our approach.

Firstly our weavers, the House of Edgar in Scotland, were kind enough to open up their access to Carruthers tartan to Kiltmakers world-wide. This meant that our official tartan was available to the general public rather than only society members. Secondly, Kiltmakers were contacted in the U.K., USA, Canada, Australia etc to make them aware of the existence of our tartan and they began using it.

Also the larger commercial outlets advertising Scottish wear, accessories and other items started to include us, one of the first being Scotsclans, and we are grateful for their support. Now as can be seen above and we were advised only today that the Scotlandshop has also added us to their clan list. This means that, for thise interested in the Scots clan and family of Carruthers, merchandise is now more readily accessable and information on exactly who and what we are will be more freely available across the world.

On top of this the Family of Bruce International, who are aware of the rogue group’s claims to thier tartan, have added a piece on their sept list acknowledging our chief and our right as an individual clan and family of the Scottish borders. Interestingly, our Convenor will be attending an awards ceremony at Broomhall, ancestral seat of Bruce and home of the Earl of Elgin, later in the year.

Also the new listing of Scottish clans by both COSCA and CASSOC includes Carruthers and it’s tartan in their list of clans and families, which as members of both organisation is a really nice to see.

But it doesnt stop there, we also have physical points of contact for our family world-wide in the shape of our Regional Commissioners, each one individually recommended by the Convenor and commissioned by our Chief, who are always willing to help.

It has took us 12 years as a society in support of and to have a chief confirmed and an official tartan recognised. This was 8 years less than we were originally advised it would take and we are happy to say that the ball has now gained a level of momentum on its own. Although we are not fully there yet, we are definitely winning and time, legality and the facts remain firmly on our side.

As an ancient Scottish border clan, whose rich history is entwined in that of Scotland, Carruthers have always been and will remain a force in their own right. We hope therefore that you will agree that our name is not there to be abused by the unscrupulous nor false claims made by the uneducated.

As such our reputation and respectability will be based solely on the evidenced facts relating to documented Carruthers genealogy, our official DNA testing/research and our recorded history as well as our Scottish birthright and our place as a highly respected and ancient border family in all levels of reputable Scottish Clan Society.

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  1. Are there any tips on how to compare oneself when coming across someone claiming to be an Armiger that is clearly promoting and advertising the non affiliated group?

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