Clan Carruthers

CLAN CARRUTHERS: Birthday wishes to the Chief

Our Chief proudly wearing Carruthers tartan (centre), at the Buchanan’s inauguration with some of the other chiefs in attendance.
Chief’s Arms

Our hereditary Chief, Peter Carruthers of Holmains, 22nd of his line has his Birthday today and we at the Society and the home of his clan and family wish to convey all our best wishes to him.

An interesting fact:

Having began our search to locate the senior of our line in 2007 and once found, to have that individual petition the Lord Lyon to bear the chiefly arms of Carruthers thus ensuring legal acceptance and recognition as chief, occured exactly 5 years ago to the day.

On our behalf, Peter was contacted in 2017 by Antony Maxwell, our heraldist. This led to his petition to bear the Chiefly arms of Carruthers, along with one other petition, being presented to the Lord Lyon for his perusal, analysis and decision.

After the first court hearing in Edinburgh, which were inititially attended by both petitioners who presented their case to the Lord Lyon, the second being only attended by Peter who was represented by his legal advisor Sir Crispin Agnew QC, the Lyon took the information away to deliberate. Both hearings were public and both being witnessed by our Convenor.

Having met with the Lord Lyon at court and after nearly 2 years of deliberation and analysis of the proofs and documentation presented, Peter was confirmed by him on August 19th, his decision can be found here.

Once the decision was made, our clan and family were taken from armigerous status (without chief) to official clan/family status being recognised as such in both Scottish law and Scottish clan society which led to a permanent seat on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

The rest, as the say is history.

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