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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Another sad passing.

Marion Mitchell

Here is a personal note we received from Diane Carothers, herself a former Vietnam veteran, regarding the sad passing of her mother, Marian M. Mitchell who is seen to the left in the centre of the picture. She is seen with her daughter Diane (L) and her granddaughter Dana (R) and her granddaughter’s husband Christopher Barritt (B). (Barritt being a derivation of the Irish name of Norman origins, Barrett).

There is the obituary, seen below, but Diane felt it didn’t begin to touch on her mom’s life.

From Diane.

Born in 1929 in Lebanon, PA. Her parents divorced during her childhood. As a child Marion fell roller skating at age 13 and was in the children’s hospital for 3 years needing her hip replaced. Interestingly for the time, she had maggots put into her wound. That leg remained shorter than the other all her life. After being from hospital at 16 with a brace and crutches, she graduated high school and business college.

Dated and married her husband Kenneth K. Mitchell and had two children, Dianne being the eldest. Interestingly having a child, taught Marion to walk without crutches. 4 years later Diane’s sister Judy arrived.

A women of great strength and tenacity, she showed her kids she could run well even with crutches. As a child Diane never thought of her mum as being disabled as she always managed and coped and was simply a good mom, a good wife, housekeeper, cook, baker…

Marion learned to drive when Diane was in high school and continued into work and planned Diane’s wedding back home when she was stationed with the military in Okinawa. Even though they lived in different states, her mother travelled to California to attend the births of each of my Diane’s kid’s and continued to visit every two years.

After retirement they went to Hawaii and as they got older moved from the family home into a place all on one level. Marion sadly outlived Diane’s Dad but continued living alone until only a few years ago.

As an independent lady, she complained as my sister and niece helped clean out her house for her move in with my sister Judy, and brother-in-law and helped them and their 4 great-grandchildren.

Fought off death several times before her final move to heaven on Friday after Thanksgiving.

Home with her Lord and Saviour at age 93! GOD BLESS!!


Marian M. Mitchell, 93, of Myerstown, died on Friday, November 25, 2022 at StoneRidge Towne Center.

She was born on Tuesday, September 3, 1929 to the late Harry E. Baum and Mabel Heim nee Putt in Lebanon.

She was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church and was involved with the Steelworkers Club and Friendship Fire Company.

Marian enjoyed reading, crocheting and swimming. Surviving are children Diane Carothers, Judy L. Derr and spouse Charles; grandchildren Meghan Pagan, Ryan Derr, Dana Barrett, Doug Carothers, Donny Carothers; great grandchildren Jeremy Pagan, Jr., Giovanni Pagan, Reese Derr, Nolan Derr.

She was preceded in death by husband Kenneth K. Mitchell; siblings Walter Baum and Earl Baum. 

As an aside here is another link, as we are sure there are many, between Carruthers and Mitchell. Our Chief’s cousin Cecilia is a Michell-Carruthers, who is herself descended from the line of Douglas and the Marquis of Queensbury through her maternal grandmother.

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