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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Getting it right

With CARRUTHERS gaining recognition as an official clan in their own right within Scottish clan society, the commercial world is following suit. As such the Carruthers tartan and the official Carruthers crest are being taken up by producers of Scottish items, but occasionally they do get it wrong and thats where we come in.

The following company, although using the official CARRUTHERS tartan had mistakenly used the wrong crest upon their items.

This led to emails from members to include the Commissioner of Australasia Gary Carruthers, one of our armigers and we thank him for that, and our Convenor who gave them permission to use our official crest badge.

Like all responsible organisations, after checking the accuracy of our requests to ensure what we said was in fact correct, they immediately changed the crest to the right one. As such we have no hesitation in recommending Scotsprint for any purchase of the many Carruthers items they hold in stock .

Clan Carruthers Items bearing our tartan and crest badge

Because what we say has to be accurate and evidence based, it is easy for those interested in our clan and family to check the authenticity of our statements. Being recognised by the relevant authorities in Scotland allows us this luxury and as such it is important to us as a family that we do not cross the line.

Although a hard and time consuming journey to gain recognition of a chief through the Lord Lyon and the registration and adoption of our tartan that followed, it was the only way to go and most certainly has proved its worth. Cutting corners or telling lies, would only have left Carruthers in nothing less than an embarrassing position and our reputation would have been affected in the process.

Here at the Society, our heritage and history remains the backbone of who and what we are and the accuracy of the same is not only important to us but remains both imperative and the reason we exist. We are here to further our clan and family and definately not to hinder or embarrass it.

Without the work of our society, both in the past and currently we would be less than the armigerous clan we came from and although people are still trying to cause issue through their own bizarre claims and agenda we will continue to take our family forwards.

What is important and is becoming very noticable is that the tide of change, albeit initially slow, is gaining momentum and is definately on our side. This current situation with Scotsprint using the wrong crest on their items, and we must thank them for the speediness of their reponse, is an example of keeping things onn the right lines.

What can never be disputed is that Carruthers is a Scottish Border clan originating in Annandale, Dumfriesshire in south west Scotland and as an ancient reiver family, we remain vehemently proud of that fact as such our achievements, remain your achievements.

Arms of the Chief of Carruthers

Since we began as a society, we have achieved many things, but the saliant points are:

  • A recognised and confirmed chief, who is 22nd of his line dating back to before 1320, in Peter CARRUTHERS of Holmains, confirmed by the Lord Lyon as such, with all that comes with.
  • We have our official tartan registered and recognised with the Scottish Register of Tartans as our clan/family tartan.
  • Membership of and recognition by COSCA (US), CASSOC (Canada) and SAHC (Australia).
  • We have Clan Commissioners, commissioned by our chief in regions all around the globe.
  • We have a permanant seat on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. As such we now have parity with all other Scottish clans.
  • Last but not least, an highly reputable and recognised official Society in Clan Carruthers Society (International), authorised by our chief to represent all Carruthers world wide.

Now recognised as a stand alone clan whose history remains part of the rich tapestry that is Scottish culture, Carruthers has regained their rightful place within both international clan culture as well as Carruthers both home here in Scotland and abroad and long may it continue.

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