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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Another living Carruthers Armiger discovered.

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Every now and then our research picks up a gem of information, today we would like to share such a piece with you.

In November 1965, arms were matriculated by the Reverend Arthur Stanley Carruthers FSA Scot, co-author of the book, Records of the Carruthers Family with RC Reid. This matriculation showed that he was a cadet of the family of Carruthers of Dormont, who in turn are a cadet of the chiefs, Carruthers of Holmains. Arthur Stanley Carruthers was born in 1902, but passed in 1966. This means he was 22 when he first published the precursor to the Records. This branch of the family were descended through the cadet branch of Brydegill and according to the Letters Patent, Guileburn

His son the Reverend Arthur Christopher Carruthers although heir to his fathers arms, chose to matriculate them in May 1975. Arthur was an Associate of the London College of Divinity and a Licentiate of St Johns College of Nottingham University and Chaplain to Her Majesty’s Forces.

The father, Arthur Stanley and the son, Arthur Christopher both differenced their Arms as : Gules, two chevronels engrailed between three fleurs de lis Or; within a bordure parted per pale, dexter Or charged of a mertlet in dexter in chief and a crescent in fess of the bordure, both of the first, on either side of the same and in Escrol under the same is the Motto; PROMPTUS ET FIDELIS. Instead of a helm and crest a ecclesiastical hat with single tassels on both side, is used to denote their position in the church.

But what else do we get from this document:


Firstly, it is confirmed from this Letters Patent that; the chiefly family of Carruthers of Holmains used their Armorial Bearings prior to the 1672 Lord Lyons Act. This we were aware of and also that they were registered by John Carruthers 9th of Holmains in the Public Register Vol 1 Folio 128.

The records show that the Holmains arms as  Viz:- Gules, two chevrons engrailed betwist three fleurs de lis Or. Above the Shield a helmet befitting his degree mantled Gules doubled Argent.; next is placed on a torse for his crest a Seraphim volant proper: the motto in escrol PROMPTUS ET FIDELIS.

These are the same arms used by our hereditary chiefs to this day, and registered to them. The supporters of two fallow deer bucks rampant were granted to our current chief in 2019 by the Lord Lyon to reflect his status.

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Secondly, and more importantly, Arthur Christopher had a male heir who is still alive today.

As such he becomes the 6th living Carruthers Armiger to be listed, inheriting his father’s and grandfather’s arms but, as a non-ordained individual, he will be able to choose his own crest and motto to replace the churchman’s hat. The Chief is in dialogue with Iain as we speak.

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