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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Tartan Sashes back in stock


After another run on our merchandise, which again led to another weave of the Carruthers Tartan, the sashes are now back in stock. Orders previously made will be sent out this week.

However, if buying one why not include a clan broach to go with it. The one to the left is the ancient rendition of the Chiefs crest, the one to the right is a modern design, commissioned and gifted to the Society by the internationally renowned heraldic artist, Antony Maxwell, both renditions and artwork are copyrighted.

If you are interested in purchasing, any of our merchandise, the page can be found here

Information on the badge and tartan

The badge reflects the ancient rendition of the Chief’s crest on the Holmains arms recorded by John Carruthers 9th of Holmains, 5th Baron after the Lyons Act of 1672. As arms are issued through the auspices of the monarch, at the behest of King Charles II, the Scottish Parliament decided to prevent those not deemed worthy of them from bearing Scottish arms and thus an Act was formed in law to reflect the same.  Records show however, that our family carried arms going back to at least the very early 1200’s.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 07.38.46A Scottish crest badge is made up of the crest from the top of the Chief’s arms, in this case a Seraphim Volant Proper. This is enclosed within a belt and buckle on which is inscribed the Chief’s motto, Promptus et Fidelis (ready and faithful).

The Carruthers crest as chosen by the Chiefly line, is always depicted as having six wings, the upper and lower most crossed in saltire, the middle ones spread in flight and in the centre the head of an angel. This follows the standard, classical heraldic and religious depictions of the same and as part of our Clan and rich history, the crest is over 350 years old.

The badge itself was designed to prevent it snagging clothes/sashes or weighing down bonnets, which has happened in the past with heavier items.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 15.17.15
Carruthers Red, the official tartan of of the clan and family of Carruthers

The sash is in the official Carruthers clan/family tartan Carruthers Red, registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans and woven by the House of Edgar, in Perth, Scotland from 100% Scottish wool.

The meanings of the colours in our tartan are as follows:

  • The green, purple and lilac represents our ancestral lands in Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Southwest Scotland.
  • The red represents the blood spilt by Carruthers in defence of our family, lands and country.
  • The subtle white stripe is in recognition of our family’s historic support for the Jacobite cause and the Royal House of Stuart.

If you are not already a member and if you feel inclined to support the society and our work, please feel free to join, we would be glad to have you with us.

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