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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Armigerous to Official Status- a simple chart.

progression of Holmains Arms.jpegOn quite a few occasions, we have been approached by other clans and families who are still armigerous i.e. with no Chief. This is in the main asking for information regarding the route and journey Carruthers took to achieve confirmation of our chief.

The full legal process asnd rationale leading to the confirmation of the Carruthers Chief, for those with an intertest in such matters, may be fact checked on the Lord Lyons website.

In an attempt to simplify things and in answer to the latest question, the following chart has been produced which explains in simple terms, our journey. We hope that it may be helpful to others who may wish to follow us and petition the Lord Lyon for either the confirmation of a Chief, or if no living senior member of the chiefly line exists, the process to have a commander commissioned.

CCS-I ROUTE TO A CHIEFIt is fair to note that the confirmation of a chief is only through the Lord Lyon and evidenced genealogy, supersedes any election during a gathering (derbhfine). If no descendant of the last recorded chief can be found, a derbhfine may be held, always in Scotland and supervised by the Lord Lyon or their representative.

If the process is deemed legitimate, the Lord Lyon commissions a Commander not normally a Chief, to lead the clan or family for a period of time.

If in doubt, contact the Lyons Office directly by email or alternatively please write to:

The Lyon Clerk, Court of the Lord Lyon, HM New Register House, Edinburgh, EH1 3YT

Below is the simplified Genealogy of Carruthers of Holmains

Carruthers Chiefs to peter

Proud to be of Scottish blood, proud to be of Reiver blood, proud to be a Carruthers, then please join us and support the work we do for you, through the work of our society: Membership

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