Clan Carruthers

CLAN CARRUTHERS: The Maxwells and Carruthers, a deep seated bond.

200px-Arms_of_Maxwell,_Earls_of_Nithsdale.svg.pngThe Maxwells were a large and important clan and riding family, in the West March of the Anglo-Scottish borders.  It is claimed that they originated from viking stock, from a place called Maccus Well in the East March. This was situated on the other side of Scotland, around the River Tweed near Kelso. Maxwell are currently an armigerous clan ie having no chief, but their historic family seat was Caeverlock Castle. 

Arms of Maxwell and Carruthers

It is historically accurate to state that Carruthers supported three great families  The first was that of the Bruces, up to and including their monarchy, the Royal House of Stuart and the third was the Maxwells. During their feud with the Johnstons, Carruthers stood with the Maxwells as supporters of the same.    

Upset by some of the Kings decisions, the 7th Earl of Morton, 8th Lord John Maxwell was to lead an insurrection, taking his army up to Stirling and camping on the King’s own doorstep as it were, to lay siege to Stirling itself.

Carruthers: Our involvement in the Seige

George Carruthers 6th of Holmains, 2nd Baron supported Lord John Maxwell at the Siege of Stirling November 2, 1585. He raised a large troop of cavalry from Annandale, which included his heir John, his son Symon in Isle and his son Charles, a Cornet of the mounted troop of Threave Castle, where his father was Captain of the garrison. The subaltern rank of Cornet was a commissioned officer in the cavalry equivalent to today’s 2nd lieutenant. George led a troop of 50 horse, containing many well-known border names, to include amongst others: Kirkpatricks, Irvings, Grahams, Bells, Armstrongs and of course Carruthers.  There were around 40 or so Carruthers from Annandale also listed, who didn’t ride with Holmains. 

This insurrection, amongst other actions against the Crown, led to Maxwell being stripped of his lands and holdings, but eventually King James VI forgave Maxwell and all who had followed him and he again, in 1592 was reappointed as Warden of the West Marches.

However, a year later the ongoing feud between the Maxwells and Johnstons accelerated into open warfare culminating in the Battle of Dryfe Sands, where Lord Maxwell was killed. His son John, 9th Lord Maxwell took revenge by killing Sir James Johnston, Chief of that family and was executed in 1613 for the act. There is no evidence that Carruthers were at Dryfe Sands.

Again history shows that Carruthers played their part, not only in the Anglo-Scottish Border feuds and battles, but in quite major events which, if the outcome had been different, could have easily changed the face of Scottish history, with the potential removal of the king and a change in religious bias within the monarchy from Protestant to Catholic, at least for a short while.

The use of the prepositions ‘of’ and ‘in’, regarding a name and place denote:

  • of: Owner of the land/estate  (Thomas Carruthers of Wirmonbie)
  • in: No ownership, living/working on the land (Sym Carruthers in Ramascallis)

All Carruthers listed are marked below in block and with *

Here is the Act of Parliament pardoning Maxwell and his followers. George Carruthers 6th of Holmains and his followers is clearly mentioned, as is others of our family.


Acts of Parliament Jacobi VI 1585-23

(An Act in favour of John Earl of Morton his Friends and Servants).

OUR SOVEREIGN LORD and the three Estates of this present Parliament understanding the good true and effectual justice done to his Majesty at all time by his right trusted cousin and counsellor John Earl of Morton Lord Maxwell and his constant affection to remain at his highnesses obedience in times coming, Willing a perfect peace to be established amongst the whole subjects of this realm and that the particular facts and deeds done by way of hostility upon precise necessity shall be extinct and buried in perpetual oblivion.  To this end, his whole subjects dwelling upon the borders may be reduced in a uniform obedience after so manyfold tribunes so that peace may continue amongst them and the subjects of the land. It is statute ordained concluded and resolute by this treaty, the three estates and whole body of this present Parliament that the whole favour and benefit granted and content in the laws, acts and constitutions of the said Parliament made in favour of John, Lord Hamilton, Archibald, Earl of Angus, John Earl of Mar and remaining persons that repaired with them towards his highness at Stirling to gather with the general abolition for extinguishing of all facts deeds enterprised or attempts committed or done in public troubles and hostilities when his Majesties coronation shall be extended have place and be most legal interupt with all points passes clauses articles and conditions of the same in person of the said John Earl of Morton, his whole kin friends, men, tenents, servants, dependents, associates, vassels and partakers so far as the said laws act and constitutions with the general abolition forsaid or only part thereof may …. For their better security and forfamable as by the said earl and his forsaid are in different condition from the noblemen and others before rehersed and that the reparation of the particular facts and deeds done between party and parties which are expected in the said general act of abolition should have place against the said earl and his forsaid for what-so-ever deeds between parties whereby greater trouble might be ingendered hereafter in common well then only danger that can follow upon perpetual abolition thereof. It is further statute and ordained by his Majesty and the three Estates of this present Parliament that the said earls lately joining of himself and his forces in company with the said John Lord hamilton and remanent nobleman entering and causeing to his Majesty at Stirling and all sequels following thereupon with all there facts, deeds or attempts devised, enterprises committed or done by him or any other person hereafter innumerated in this present ordanence or that may be interpreted to enjoy the benefit of their presents of what-so-ever nature quality or condition they be, such as lifting or leading men at arms, on horse or foot, convocation of our Soverign Lord’s lieges, strangers or others in great number and in warlike manner, raising of fire, holding and detaining, siegeing,  surpressing and demolishing of houses, castles, towns and fortilices. Also pertaining to our Soverign Lord and others, taking and imprisoning of free persons of what-so-ever quality, state or condition, execution to the death of persons apprehended without commission, out-taking of prisoners from their wards, intercommuning, supplying and assisting of persons forfaulted, rebels, outlaws and fugatives from the law, breaking and eschewing forth of his Highnesses wards, not entering in wards being charged unto …………..  depredations deceptions, raising of men of war with displayed banners, using of firework munitions or artillary, intermission of corns, victuals and money, electing of magistrates and giving arguments with all other facts and deeds in general enterprise, dues or done at any time from the month of April in the year of God 1569 year to the day and date of their presence with there sequells The murder of Our Soveriegn Lord’s dearest ……. Except shall abolish and extinct forever the memory thereof bury in perpetual oblivion never to be impuned at any time hereafter by Our Soveriegn Lord or his successors to the said earl, his kin, friends, servants and dependents, his heirs or successors but freely remitting the rancour of His Highness’s mind. His Majesty with advise aforsaid expressly discharges for himself and his successors, their advocates and others finding interest in his Highnesses name of all actions, instances, persuits, criminal and civil that may be presented or thought competent to his Majesty or what-so-ever present grievances or pending to have entered in particular, And not withstanding the particular deeds done between parties by special attempes in this general act of abolition And to the affect it may be clearly understood to whom the favour of the present ordinance shall properly benefit thereof all only apertain to the persons after following, that is to say;

John, Earl of Morton, Lord Maxwell, Mearns, Eskdale and Carlisle, Robert Maxwell of Castlemilk his brother, the baillies, councils and communities of the burghs of Dumfries and Annan, Mr David Maxwell brother to Sir Robert Maxwell of Dunwoodie knight, * George Carruthers of Holmains and the whole companies of horsemen lifted by him, Edward Maxwell of the Isle, Herbert Maxwell of Cavens, Robert Maxwell of Kelton, Thomas Edgar of Bowhouse, John Brown of the Land, Walter Gladstains of Craigs, Sir Robert Maxwell of Spottes knight, John Maxwell of Newland his brother and the whole company of horsemen lifted by him, Captain John Ritchie and William Maxwell and Captain James Frasier, their lieutenants, agents, officers and whole companies of footmen lifted by them, John Maxwell in Balgreden, Alexander Maxwell in Logan his son Charles Murray in Dalcohuik, James Hunter of Drumschinnoch, John Lindsay of Auchinskeoch, James Charteris younger of Kelwood, Sir Alexander Jardine of Applegirth knight, James Douglas of Drumlanrig, Edward Maxwell of Lamington, William Dunbar of Blantyre, James Lindsay of Fergarth, with all their whole kin and friends, men, tennants, servants, vassels,and dependants and all other noblemen, knights, barons and gentlemen, landed or unlanded yeomen and commoners that have intercommuned, favoured, assisted or given supplies to the said earl or his aforesaid in protection, counsel or assistance with men, money, victuals or munitions, whose name not being especially expressed in this present act shall be given up by the said in sufficient inventry subscribed with his hand to the clerk of register for their better security to whom the benefit of their presence shall pertain properly as if they were presently named by their proper names Discharging therefore the Lords of Council and Session the Justice General and his deputies and all others of his Highnesses Judges and Ministers of laws to grant process in any of the said persuits intended or to be intended by his Highnesses advocates or other parties having action, civil or criminal, whereby this present abolishion may be prejudice or infringe in any way …. and … only redress to the made for attempts committed on Englishmen in prejudice of the laws of … and provided that the benefit hereof be not extended to any civil contract lawfully made between parties upon good cause of mutual consent and if any person shall happen to attempt in the contrary to be esteamed as troublers of the common peace and punished in body and goods comforming to the laws of this Realme. And forever Our Soveriegn Lord for extinguishing of all trouble or occasion of persuit in time coming for things by past with advice of said three estates retreats, rescinds, … and annuls all and sundry levies and charges of horning and treason … perintill and executions thereof execute here-for-to at any time in the month of April the year of God 1569 against the said Earl and other persons forsaid, their friends defenders and parttakers for delivering of house entering their persons in ward non-entering of persons, duelling on the ground of his Majesties lieutenents justice or wardens or upon whatsoever other ground or occasions the gifts of enshews liferents and penalties following upon acts of caution and surities for entering of persons unlawes enteress and their sequelis bonds and obligations inter ponit by what so ever persons suspected to be the said Earls favours. To decist from his aid intercommuning, supplying maintainance or resistance or what-so-ever other occassions begin his Majesty and the three estates present decerns and declares the said Earl his friends, servants, dependants and parttakers aforesaid to be free and in such a state and condition as if the same had never been. After our Sovereign Lord  and the three estates afoesaid retreats, recinds, and anulls all decrees and deeds done given and pronounced againtst the said Earl and his aforsaid at any time in the space above written where they or any of them had just cause of their absence and might not compare in their own proper person to have stopped the same and therefore reponis and restores them in integruty their again as if the same had not been pronounced in the contrairy Finally to the effect the said Earl, his friends, servants and partakers aforesaid may find the full effect of his majesty’s present benefit and favour granted and concluded in this present parliament, his Majesty with advice aforesaid has stated and ordained that they and ilk of them shall brook Join and possess their lands heritages rooms offices benefisheries honours jurisdictions dignaties rents and possessions what-so-ever in sencible manner as they possessed them before and if they dispossessed therefor Odains the they shall fully repossess in the same and simmilarly ro be direct to that effect upon ten day allanerlie and revokes cases and annulls all deeds done by his Highness in the contrary And also our Soveriegn Lord with advise aforsaid ratifies approves and confirms the instrument granting to the said Earl, his heirs and successors of the earldom of Morton regality and jurisdiction thereof and all liberties and privilages contained therein and revokes cases and anulls what-so-ever instruments rights or titles made to any other person when the date of the said Earl’s investment of the said earldom of Morton or any part thereof and namely to Ludovick, now Duke of Lennox, James Johnstone, son and heir apparent heir to John Johnstone of that Ilk, Sir William Stewart of Corbiston knight or any others to the effect the said Earl and his successors may be fully re-established in their full right and property of the said land. And the said investment to stand in the awin strength and no ways impugnit And seeing his Majesty’s intention is that his favour and clemency intended herein shall be most largely extended to the wellbeing of the said Earl and his friends and not to be sinisterly interponit his Majesty refuses the interpretation thereof to his Hignesses so oft as need be and the three estates of Parliament alternately And that the said Earl himself and his friends shall have recourse after to the present security or to the general laws and constitutions aforesaid as best shall serve for their wellbeing and may not to be prerogative to the other whereof if need be other securities shall be made in the next parliament and ordains laws of relaxation of the said Earl and his friends with laws of repossessions and publication hereof to be direct in form as assured.

This day, John, Earl of Morton personally present immediately after the granting by the King’s Majesty and the estates convened in this present parliament of the special act of abolition and that his Highness has remitted to the said Earl offences declared in their presents that he was presently contented and consented to release and free Sir John Johnstone of Dunskellie Knight to pass as the King’s free liege as he pleased and suchlike that the said Earl presently discharged and discharges all band of men of war resset by him and obliged him to put same forth of his company and to use no hostility but as the King gives command and commission and incase the said Sir John Johnstone remain within his ward that no offence be imput to him there to.

Robert Chatteris of Kelwood, James Chatteris his son

Alexander Livingstone of Kilarne

James Lindsay of Fergarth

James Lindsay of Auchinscarth

Herbert Lindsay of the Mains

John Wilson in Elliston


John Maxwell of Conheath

Edward Maxwell of the Isle

Thomas Edgar in the Bowhouse

John Edgar in Blackshaw, John Martin, John McQuarry, Matthew Nicholson, John Ford, Peter Jeffery, Peter Nicholson, Nicholas Martin, Matthew Martin, William Borsby, John Brown, John Beattie, Thomas Martin, Andrew Dunn, Stephen Blackstock, Peter Dunn, John Forsyth, John Dickson, Edward Dickson, Willie Dickson, Thomas Dickson


John Drysdale in Blackshaw

John Edgar in Cherrington, Will Ferguson

Charlie Edgar in Glenhowane, John Rawling, Thomas Heron

John Smith in Bankend

John Edgar in Carmuck

Herbert Edgar in Woodend

Simon Adamson in Locharwood, Gavin Forsyth, Clement Dickson, John Dickson, Cuthbert Dickson, John Edgar son of Thomas Edgar in Bowhouse, Clement Edgar his brother, Thomas Maxwell son of Robert Maxwell of Kelton, John Maxwell his brother

John Maxwell in Borlands


Robert Maxwell of Kelton

Walter Gladstains of Craigs

John Moffat in Gorpule

John Maxwell in Craigs

John Beattie in Rig

Thomas Maxwell

Edward McKinnell in Auchincreath

Willie Sleuthman

William Kirkpatrick in Closeburne

John Murray Clongeart (Clonyard?)

Geordie Maxwell

Thomas Maxwell

John Edgar (Writer)

Nocholas Dickson


William Maxwell of Carnsalloch, Homer Maxwell

Herbert Maxwell in Kirkton, Robert Maxwell, Herbert Edgar

John Thompson in Millhead, Thomas Thompson his brother

John Edgar in Christinghill

Thomas Edgar in Holme

John Edgar in Carnsalloch, Patrick Maxwell

John Wallace (elder) in Cargeild, John Wallace his son, Nicholas Thompson, John Wallace, Thomas Wallace, David Fraser, Robert Fraser, John Fraser, John Ireland, Andrew Ireland, John Wallace, Thomas Wallace, Robert Wallace, William Wallace, Hob Wallace, Alaxander Wallace, Thomas Wallace, John Wallace son of Robert Wallace, William Woll (Wallace?) in Kirktown, Robert Shortrig, Adam Shortrig

John Chatteris in Riddenwood

John Nicholson in Correllwood, Will Robson, Nichol Aitkin, Roger Robson, David Robson, Roger Thompson, his son James Thompson (Smith), David Thompson his son

John Thompson of Knowe, John & Will Robson, Thomas Robson, William Broth (?), Stephen Robson, Andrew Robson

John Robson in Dukow, Robert Robson, John Sharpe, Roger Robson

John Wilson in Hawthorne, John Wilson, Nicholas Jak, Thomas Robson, David Laurie, John Robson (Miller)

Robert Robson in Bridgend, Robert Laurie, John Aitkin, John Wilson


Adam Wilson

Nichol & Thomas Wilson

John Rodden

John Beck, Robert Beck

John Wilson in Niuk, John & Herbert Wilson

John Edgar (traveller)

John Donald, Nichol Donald

Andrew Hill

John & Robert Airds


James Maxwell in Portrack, John, Mungo and Edward Maxwell his brothers

Robert Maxwell (in/of) Fourmerkland

James Maxwell in Killelung, Robert, Thomas, George and Edward Maxwell his sons

George Maxwell in Glengabor

John Wersley in Burnfoot

David Edger in Gullyhill

Robert Edgar in Brewrig

George Edgar in Ford, Thomas Edgar

Andrew Edgar in Newton

John Jackson in Killilung

John McMillain in Craigputtock

John Smyth in Whiteside, John Smith

David Welsh in Collinton

John Smith in Serdingrass, Robert Muirhead

John Maxwell in Straquhan

Andrew McKinny in Skinford, Cubby Welsh

David Wilson in Speddoch

John Scott in Stepford, Robert Laurie

John Mainwaring in Merington

John McHead in Barquhiggan, John & Thomas Scott, Adam Scot

Roger Grier under the wood, James Prill

John Maxwell in Steadstone

Geordie Edgar in Gribton, David Hannay

Alexander Hannay in Burnsyde

David Jackson in Muirside, Johnny Jackson, John Jackson (younger), Homer Gillieson, David Carlisle

John Grier of Dalwoodie, Robert Caill, Brattill Findlay

John Cairns in Brumrig

James Maxwell in Bowhill

David Hannay at the bridge

Robert Grier in Kirkbride

Roger Grier in Barndannoch

Thomas Grier in Barjarg

Gilbert Grier in Midkeir

James Grier in Beochane

Malcolm Dalrympel in Wattside

James Porter in Midkeir

Gilbert Grier in Capinhauch

Roger Grier in Buse

Roger Kirkpatrick in Clinston


Adam Sturgeon in Millerlands

Thomas Milligan in Cargan, Willie Edgar, William Maxwell, John Wray, John Sturgeon, John Payne, John Sturgeon, John Edgar, William Maxwell, Thomas Maxwell, John Kinnard

John Anderson in Terraughty

William Cunningham in Lincluedon


Mr Gilbert Brown, Abbot of Sweetheart.

John McGee (noter)

Thomas & Gilbert Brown (brothers)

Thomas Brown of Lochill

Thomas McCartney of Arber

John Turner of Ardwell

Thomas Maxwell in Littlebar

John Turner of the Hill

Thomas Brown of Shambelly

Robert Brown of Englishtown

John Stewart in Clanchane, John Gracie, Thomas Nicholson, John Padgen, John Drysdale, John Anderson, John Maxwell, John Dickson, John Sanderson, John Archibaldson, Andrew Gibson

John Turner of Carse, John Thompson, Johnny Wilson, Andrew Bell, Robert Newall, Willie Edgar, Thomas Turner, John Maxwell, Willie Maxwell, Peter Newall, John Newall, Wattie Newall, John Padgen, John Murray, James Murray, James Kirkconnell, Wattie, Thomas, Gilbert and John Paterson, John Donaldson, John Albert, John Stuart, Peter Heron, Harry Clerk, John Blackstock, John Kennedy, John Murray, Willie Anderson

William Maxwell of Airds, Dick, Adam and John Turner, John Payne, Willie Dickson, John Allan, Robert Clerk, John Breich, John Grogan, John Beattie, John Garmery, John Maxwell, Hobbie McKie, John Dickson, John Davidson, Hoby Smith, John Padgen


Herbert Maxwell of Cavens

Hugh Maxwell in Prestoun

Andrew Sturgeon in Corries, William Sturgeon, Andrew Sturgeon his son, Herbert Sturgeon, Richard Michaelson, Edward Clauchrie, Andrew Dickson, John Edgar, John Michael, Barny Kay, John McKie, John Turner, Hobby Wilson, Matthew Clark, Matthew McKie

Roger Maxwell in Ladyland, John Drummond, James Maxwell, Andrew Sturgeon, Thomas & John Drummond, James Maxwell

Robert Ewart in Little Airds, Willie Watson, Peter McMurrey, John Edgar, David Ewart

John Williamson in Newbellie, Adam Turner, Peter Turner, Peter Wilson, John Wilson, Robert & Andrew Mitchell, James Gourlay, David Newall, Andrew Williamson, Henry Williamson

William Brig in Sallowair, Thomas Brig, Willie Brig

Andrew McBrum (?) in Kirkbean, John McIlvie, John MacKinnon, Willie Kennan

John Williamson in Prestoun, Hobby McKie, Willie Costain, Hobbie Duart, Hobbie Martin, John Lanerik (?), John & Willie Martin, Peter Gilbertson, John Wilson, Sandy Clark, John Dickson, John Newall, Thomas Newall, Willie Williamson, Christie McIlren, John Michaelson

Edmond Anderson in Glenwadda, Andrew Fraser, Hobbie Dawson, John Gibson, Adam Dickson, Thomas Maxwell, Willie Mckie

John Maxwell in Mersehead, Matthew Costing, Willie Costing, Hoby Currie

Jockie Wilson in Murehead, Matthew Blackstock

John Sturgeon in Wreiths, Herbert Sturgeon, Jockie Watson, Hobbie Young, Willie Grogan, Willie Glassmuricht, William Sturgeon, John Sturgeon

David Dickson in Cavens, Andrew Brown, John McCraith, Thomas Cargill, William Mctrith, Sandy Littleton, John McQuarry

Kirkpatrick Durham

John Gordon of Troquhan.

John Edgar in Auchinhay, Andrew McCuben, John Gordon, Andrew Brattacus, Thomas Brattacus.

Roger Gordon in Overbar.

Geordie McMollane in Nedderbar, Roland McMollane, John McMollane, Ninian Crichton.

Andew McCune in Drumtonquhra

John Crocket in Nether Drumtonquhra, William Brattacus.

John Gordon in Kirktilbride

Nocol Maxwell in Kirkland

Roland Twynholme in Bardarroch

Alexander Gordon in Marglay

John McKnight of Kiquhennard

Robert McKnight in Twomerkland

Johnny Scott in Tarbraikoch

Patrick Drummond in Barmosotty

John Drummond in Knokwalloch

John Wilson in Kirkland, Thomas Wilson

William Sinclair in Garmting

Albert Neilson in Tulchangane, William Hannay, Fergus Hannay, John Carmont Hucheon Twynholme, in Kirkwalloch, Willie Twynholme

Willie Matheson in Monydow, Thomas Matheson John Wilson, John Austen

Fergal McKnight in Culside. Henry McNaught, John McNaught, John McNaught

John Smith in Mule

Roger Gordon in Lochinkit, John Gordon

John Scott in Crofts

William Henderson in Brockloch, James Harrison

John Harrison in McQueer, John Williamson, Roger & John Neilson

Gillespy McNaught in Little McQueer, Fergus Carsane

William Short in ……, Fergus, Andrew and John Neilson,

 Robert Auchinleck, William Gibson, Peter Henderson, William Neilson in Bartalge.


James Graham in Auchindole, John Graham, Thomas Edgar, John Stewart

Edward Maxwell in Glengopock, Gillespy McNay

James Callen in Trodell, William Brown, John Clingeane

James McNaught in Largue End, Robert Graham, Cuthbert Gillness, Brattill, William, Gilbert, James, Roger and Davy McCartney, James Weir, George & John McCartney

James McNaught in Ernealmery, John Mcnaught

Richard Brown in Miekle Dryburgh, David Gall, John Garmerie, William Hannay

John McQuarrie in Little Dryburgh, John Carsane, John Milligan

Tom Milligan in Dryharg, James McGill

Andrew Laurie in Blackerne, James Garren, Alexander Burne

Herbert McCartney in Ernestbie, Nicoll Dowby, Paul Martin

Andrew Hill in Hillington, Herbert McCartney, George Hill

James Murray in Blackpark

George McManus in Suffok(?), Tom McKay

William Grahan in Chepmantoun, Alexander Jardine, Simon MacQuinn

John McGill in Maines, Andrew Graham, John McMolan, Andrew Stewart, Paul Scott, Andrew Croik, John McMurray, Alexander McGuffock

Andrew Gore in Crofts, John Gore, John Mcnaught, James Johnstone

Richard Stewart in Culgruff, John Anderson, John Mccroik, James Crilland

John Matheson in Kirkland, John Purvis, John Martin, John Muir, Gilbert Bannoch, James MacQueen

John Corrie in Blarony, John Corrie, Matthew Corbet

John Callen in Drycrago, Andrew Kirk (miller), John McMichin, John Young, Thomas Thompson, William Anderson

George Gall in Lulnotre, John McNaught, John Garrane, Luke MacCubbin,

James Murray in Erneamery, James Murray, Gilbert Carnock, John Crocket, James Bannock

James Williamson in Nedder Erneamery, John McCartney, John Robert and Michael Macmanus

John Greenlaw in Clairbrand

John Brown in Mollance, Tom MacManus, Tom Martin

Donald Parton in Arnayming, John Grier, John Hair (?)

George Brown in Garrenton, Robert McCartnay, John Garren


John Maxwell in Balgredden

Robert Maxwell in Breoch

George Maxwell in Hawmire

James Muir in Daldwing

Alex Gordon in Slagnor

David Maxwell in Trewgrayne

John McGill in Knox, Allan Muir

Robert Laurie in Little Knox

George Cairnes in Munches

John Gourlay in Castlegow

John Gordon in Cuil

David Neilson in Halketlethes

Thomas McCartney in Craigton

John Smith in Guffokland

John Smith in Corbeton

John McCalloby in Loch Dougan, Herbert Paterson, John McGhee, Paul Fowler, John Hannay


*George Carruthers of Holmains elder

*John Carruthers of Holmains younger

*Christie Carruthers in Dormont

*Sym Carruthers in Ramascallis

*Sym Carruthers in Isle

*Robert Carruthers in Brydgill

*John Carruthers in Rassallis

*Andrew Carruthers in Robewhat

*John Carruthers in Danby, *Robert & *John Carruthers, Rolland Lindsay

*John Carruthers in Butterwhat

*Willie Carruthers in Fourteen Acre, * John Carruthers his son

*Andrew Carruthers in Almegill

*John Carruthers in Dormont, *Robert Carruthers

John Cunningham in Dormont, Leonard Hutchison

*William Carruthers in Middleraw, *Roland Carruthers

*John Carruthers in Hallidayhill, *Cuthbert Carruthers, John Kerr, John Halliday younger & elder, Robert & William Archibaldson

Herbert Walker in Dalton, George, William, Gavin and Thomas Walker, Thomas Perk, *John Carruthers, *Mungo Carruthers, Gilbert Henderson

*Thomas Carruthers in Dyke, *Herbert & *John Carruthers, Nicoll Gask

Simon Graham in Howchwhat, Matthew Bell

John Robson in Rassellis, *John Carruthers

*John Carruthers in Kirkhill, John Nicholson, David Coupland

John Cowe in Houp, John Blythman, David Neilson, Richard Nicholson, Robert Ray, James Allison

Nichol Gask in Ischfold

John Kerr in Hoill, John Dowbem(?)

John Palmer in Butterwhat, John Palmer younger, *James Carruthers

George Hauch in Cloiss, James Nicholson, Robert Nicholson

John Beattie in Topwood

John Graham in Daltonhuik, Thomas Graham, Matthew Bell, Hew Beattie

Archie Horne in Bengaw, John Bell

*William Carruthers in Kirkland, John Archibaldson, John Rae, William Patterson, Thomas Rae, Matthew Gibson, Thomas & John Gibson, John Wrytt

Gilbert Bell in Gavilburn

John Bell in Middleshaw

John Park in Southside, William Bell (called Butler Willie)

Andrew Rae in Castlemilk

*George Carruthers in Edgeshaw, *Richard Carruthers

Andew Bell in Langdyke, John Bell

Thomas Bell in Cowthwhat

John Davidson in Castlebank

*Robert Carruthers in Harthwhat, John Latimer, James Coupland

John Ferguson in Rowell, John Clerk, John Paterson

Thomas Craik in Carthwood, John Latimer, John Clerk, Patrick Clerk, Adam Johnstone, Edward Wheeldon, John Johnstone, Edward Craik, John Wallace, Rob Dickson, Peter Clerk, George Gask, James Moss, Roger Kirkpatrick

Rowe Bell in Rockall

Adam Caldill in Cockerfield

William Bell in Nuik, Ranie, John and Watt his brothers, Oswald Bell

Tom Bell in Sedhill

John Bell in Dyke, John Bell, his brother Tom Bell of Getts, John Bell son of Tom Bell in Shieldgreen

Alexander Bell of Williambie, William, John and Tom Bell his brothers

John Bell of Woodhead, David Bell his brother, Matthew & William Calbartis, John Whitehead, Jock Bell

Humphrey Bell in Bank, Job Bell, William Bell his son

Watt Bell in Middlebie Hill,

John Bell in Clint, Tom and Jenkin Bell brothers

Andrew Bell in Langdyke, Dick Bell

Christie Bell in Clinthill, Archie Bell his brother

John Bell of Land, John Davidson

William Bell in Blackethouse, Watt, Tom, Frances, Richie, and John Bell brothers to the said William, William Graham son to William Graham

Christie Irving in Woodend, Edward Irving his son

David Irving in Wisebie, Gibb, Will and John Irving, Mungo and William Robson, Geordie and John Bell, Andrew Turner, Nicky Bell, Gibb Nekie(?) Tom Black, William Bell called Little Willie

Edward Irving in Kirkpatrick, Wattie, Frances, Abraham and Richard Irving his sons, Dick, Gavin, William, Walter and John irving son to Dick (Irving) amongst the Rushes,

William Bell in Merse, David Richard, Edward and William Bell his sons, Wattie Coulthard, Humphrey Pharis, Tom Gibson, John Richardson, Richard Ferguson, Herbert Wilkie, Andrew Little, Cuthbert Paterson, Ninian Neilson, John Pharis, Gavin Irving

Walter Irving in Robgill, Matthew, David and Cuthbert Irving, Robert Rae, Cuthbert Murray baillie of Annan, John Dick, John and Archie Wilson, Addy Bell, James Splendergast, Addy and Robert White, Richie Allison, William White, Mick Rae, Andrew Turner, Geordie Wilson, Nicky Bell, Christie Wilson, John Rae, William Rae, John Rae, James White

Matthew Irving in Hurkledale, Richie Irving, Jock Irving his man

Matthew Hill in Stanebridge

Christie Irving in Hychill

Richie Irving in Murrays, Edward Irving his brother, John Gass

John Davidsom in Cummertrees, Matthew Irving called Meggis, Mathew & John brothers, sons to Meggis

Watt Bell in Wilton, Andrew Davidson, Christie Davidson,

William Thompson in Clint, Andrew and John Thompson his brothers,

*Thomas Carruthers of Wirmonbie, *Charles and *William his sons

John Irving laird of Skaill, Dick Irving his son,

Hew Little in Skaill, Hobie Irving, Tom Douglas, Willie Potts

Paton Bell in Highmure

Tom Bell in Cowthwait

Andrew Bell in Owlcotts

Dick Bell in Clint

Ninian Bell in Middlebie Kirk, Alexander and Paton Bell his brothers

William Johnstone in Reidhall, John, David, Willie, Edward, Gavin and Geordie Johnstone sons to the said William, David Johnstone brother to William (Johnstone) of Reidhall

Charlie Johnstone of Reidhall, Gibb and John Johnstone, Christie Bell, John Beattie, Tom Murray, Hobie Dickson

John Johnstone of Gretna

Lenny Irving in Gretnahill

John Johnstone Righead

Jamie Johnstone is Brumhill

Matthew McKeddirk in Cawartsholme, John Ferguson, Sym Dalgleish, Geordie, Rowe and John Hope, Cubie and John Halliday

John Irving in Sloist (?)

Lenny Irving in Gretna

Watt Irving in Gretnahill, Frances & Andrew Irving his sons

Edward Irving in Sowron, *Tom Carruthers

Willie Irving in Gretnahill, John, Matthew and Edward irving his sons

Richie Irving in Gretnahill, Jock Tully, Jock Brown, Ninian Irving

Edwad Irving in Gretnahill, Willie irving his son, Addie Bell

Watt Irving in Gretnahill younger, *James Carruthers

Mungo Irving in Braidleys, Hobie Irving, David Bell

John Irving in Steilhill, Hobie Irving his son, Watt Richardson, David Irving son to Jockie Willie, Willie Brown

Andrew Murray of Morewhat

David Murray of Morewhat

Herbert Irving of Sowwood

Peter Young of Morewhat, Geordie Murray, Richie Palmer, John Murray, Patrick Hope, Geordie Irving

James Potts in Annan, John Warrior Adam hair, Willie Rigg

Christie Irving of Cowthwait, John, Jenkin, Cubie, William and Christie Irving sons to the said Christie

Arthur Graham of Blawart Wood, John and David graham his sons

Tom Rome in Biddoch, James Andrew John Herbert, Jamie and John Rome, Ade and Peter Bratton, David and John Michael, Addie Rome, James Bratton, John Wallace, Peter Rome son to Jocky

Jock Birrell (elder) in Stocks

John Bell in Stocks, John Rome son to Nicky (Rome)

Tom Gask in Hirst

Peter Kelton in Bouchthill, Roger Lawson, Tom Davidson, Hobie and Jamie Clerk

Jenkin Lawson in Blawarthill, John Richardson

Richie Graham in Langriggs, Robert Graham his son

Johnny Crewton in Langriggs, Geordie Steel, Jeffray Cullen, Geordie Lawson

Tom Johnstone in Priestwoodside, Gilbert, Cuthbert, Frances and Tom Johnstone, David Johnstone son of Gibb

Eskdale Ewesdale and Wauchopdale

David Beattie in Blackett, Ally Rowe, Hew, John and David Beattie his sons

Andrew Beattie in Blackett, Archie and Ninian Beattie, Ninian Ewart, James Thompson, Tom Scott, Willie and Robbie Beattie, Laurie Potts

David Douglas in Wotcarrick, David Beattie, Jamie Achieson, Addie Glendonning, Addie Graham

David Beattie in Coldkin, John and Watt Beattie his brothers

John Beattie of Burne son to Adam (Beattie), Hew, John, Geordie, Jenkin, Wattie and Addie Beattie, the said John’s brother Jamie Beattie

(Mungo?) Jamie (Beattie) in Killclews, Wattie and Mungo Beattie his sons, John Beattie son to Mungo (Beattie) in Ronnelburne, Wattie, Rowe and Tom Beattie his brothers, John Beattie son to Arthur (Beattie)

John Beattie in Carlislegill, Geordie, Nicky, David, Wattie, Sim and Watt Beattie, Jock, Andrew and Jamie, Beattie

Adam Beattie in Gettburne, Charlie Beattie, Matthew Beattie his son, Jamie Beattie

Nicky Beattie in Whitehauch

Robbie Beattie in Byre, Sim Beattie and Matthew Beattie sons to Lang Andre, Geordie and Andrew Beattie, Steven, Sim and David Beattie three brothers

Watt Beattie of the Scheill, Jock Beattie his brother, David  and Nickie Beattie two brothers

John Beattie in Bankheid, John Beattie (Braid)

John Beattie of the Corse, Andrew, Sandie and Wattie Beattie three brothers, John Beattie his man, Jock Beattie son to the bra(?) Andrew Beattie to Trurie(?), Addie Beattie his brother

John Beattie in Glenberwell, John Glendonning (Crowner) John Glendonning (ais selhour?)

John Beattie of Davington, John, Willie, Wattie, Geordie and Hobbie Beattie son to the said John (Beattie), Robbie, Jock, John, Peter, Andrew and Hew Beattie, Jock Gillespie, Addie Little, Andrew Beattie son to Hew (Beattie), David, Nichol and Jock Aitkins, John Rae, Christie and Jocky Little, Jamie Bennett, Tom Rae, Jock Rankin, Jamie, Jock and Sim Briggs, Addie Thompson, Rowe McCree, Sim McCree, Ninian Beattie, John Aitkin, John Glendonning, John Dalgleish, Andrew Beattie, Edward, John and Sim Thompson, John Thompson (ais rowll?), John, Peter and Jamie Beattie, Dick and Will Thompson, Geordie and Wattie Beattie, John Beattie (ais nekie?), John, Archie, Nicky, Adam, Wattie and David Beattie

Ally Beattie in Trowhills, Andrew Beattie his brother, John and Jamie Glendonning John Halliday

Matthew Glendonning in Castlehill, Archie Glendonning

Rowe Beattie in Wester Kerr, Christie, Archie and Willie Beattie

John Brown in Crossdykes, John Brown younger, Peter Glendonning, Peter Graham, Jock Glendonning, Wattie Creek

John Beattie in Millgill, Bartill Glendonning, Sim Glendonning, Bernie Cooper, Andrew Beattie, Sim Scott, Sim Beattie, Nicky Scott, Willie Burnnett, John Boyd, John Little

George Graham in Carruthers Park, Andrew Graham his brother, Wattie and Tom Graham, John Beck, John Bell

Richie Bell in Hottes, Nichol Moffat, Adam Halliday, Ranie Bell

John Beattie of the Linholme, Andrew Beattie his servant, Tom Beattie of the Linholme his brother, John Bell, Rowe Beattie, Nicky Beattie

Tom Little in the Cuill, Tom Little younger, John, Andrew and Matthew Little

Nicky Little in Dalduran, Jock, Andrew, Sim, Archie, Clement and David Little, John and Jock Little,

Peter Little in Craigmeikle

Watt Little in Stankgate, Watt Little

John Little in Singland, Rowe, Jamie, Alexander, Andrew, Sym Little

John Little in Burnfoot, Geordie Little

Cuddy Little in Stablegorton, Andrew Willie and Wattie Little

John Little in Pollerane

Archie Little in Potholme

Addie Little in Dowglen

Nicky Little in Millholme, Wattie and Frances Little his sons, Rowe Little, Rowe Little called Archie Rowe, Tom Little, Sim Little

Sim Little in Bankheid

Nicky Little in Brekanwary, Andrew Little, Archie Little, Rowe Little

David Little in Cloiss. John, Tom and Persell Little, Matthew and John Little, David and Jock Little, Andrew Little son to Watt (Little)

Watt Little in Igill, Rowe Little

John Irving in Over Dowglen, Richie and Christie Irving

Brattell Irving in Dowglencleuch, David, Jock and Alexander Irving

Christie Armstrong in Barnglass, John Murray his man, Christie Murray, Andrew Carruthers, Tom Bell, Robert Halliday, Will Bell his servant

John Armstrong of Caulfield, John Routledge, David Armstrong, David, Roger and Will Michaelson, Thomas Aikinhead, John Hook

Ninian Armstrong of the Neiss, Christie Armstrong his son, John Little, John Crosset

John Armstrong in Glinger, Andrew Armstrong his son, Rowe, William And Christie Armstrong brothers to the said John

Will Armstrong in Teikmie

Tom Armstrong in Glinger

Geordie Armstrong in Blackbackheid

John Irving in Sikheid, Geordie, John And Christie Irving sons to Gib in Blackbackside

John Irving in Hagg

John Moffat in Glinger

….Armstrong in Thorywhats, John Turner, Ninian turner

Archie armstrong in Tarkimn, Archie and Robert armstrong sons to Christie in Langholme

Iyngre Armstrong of Ralton

Richie Armstrong in Auchinruvock, Sandy Irving,

*John Carruthers in Glinger

Christie Michaelson in Tuimschelburne, John Michael his son, Will Coulthard, Tom Wilson, Andrew Turner

Archie Armstrong (in/of) Michend

William Armstrong called Kynmont, John, Geordie, Frances, Tom, Sandie, John and Ringan Armstrong, son to Kynmont, Robert Graham (duellard on Serkwater), William Scott, Thomas Reidpath, John Linton, Willie Bell, Geordie Little, Martin Thompson, Davy Beattie, Jamie Cowan, Andrew Giffert, Robert Mackillwitty (writer to Kinmont) Archie and Adam Thompson

Nichol Beattie in Calisgill, Will Little alias Pyke, Ekkie, Dick and Watt Little, Ninian, Tom, George, and Will Elliott

John Armstrong in Wauchiopdale, Henry Addie, Archie, John and Sym Little

John Armstrong alias Relton, Will Sandy and Jock Armstrong

George Beattie in Nether Crossdykes, Ninian Palmer, John Purdoun, Jamie Irving, Dandy Andrew and Christie Armstrong, John Armstrong, Tom graham

Jamie Armstrong in Capilgill

Jenkin Graham in Logan, Peter Graham, Peter Bell, Matthew Irving, Matthew Beattie, John Lindsay, Mick, *Alexander and *Tom Carruthers, Jock and Archie Beattie

Geordie Thompson in Kirkgill, Jock Thompson, Addie and Jock Thompson, his brother Watt in Alabasterland, John Thompson

John Thompson in Kirkgill

Archie Thompson in Alabasterland, Nicky and Jock Thompson

John Thompson in Pollorane

Hector Armstrong in Stubholme

Geordie Armstrong in Arkilton, Ninian, Geordie, Martin, Dandy and Mungo Armstrong his sons, Ninian and Hobie Armstrong, Andrew Little, Willie Brown, Willie Neilson, Edward Little. John Armstrong alias Rakass, Willie Graham

Tom Scott in Blackhall, John Scott his son

John Elliott in Woodend

Rowe Elliot of the Hall, Hobb and Will Elloitt brothers

Richie Graham in Woodend, Willliw Elliot

(lord) Archie Armstrong in Arkilton, John Armstrong his son

Adam Scott in Mospebill, John Scott his son, John Geordie and Will Scott

Jock Scott in Arkilton, Archie Irving

Jock Elliott in Bowgrains

Ninian Armstrong (in?)the Lairds, Ninian  and Jock his sons

John Armstrong (in?) Howgill, Andrew Armstrong, Tom Kirkpatrick, Andrew turner

John Armstrong in Mungbyhurst,, John Ninian and Christie Armstrong his brothers

Rowe Armstrong (in?) the Lairds, Rowe, john and Ringane Armstrong his sons, Jenkin, Archie and Willie Nichloson, John Johnston

Tom Armstrong in Greengill, Abe, Ringane, Christie, Archie, Tom, Jock and Ade Armstrong his sons, Wattie, Matthew, George, Sim and John Little, Ade Glendonning, Tom Coulthard, Ade Hope

Rowe Armstong of Broomholme, Tom Armstrong son to the laird, Rowe and Geordie thompson

George Armstrong in Catgill, William Wilson, John Moffat, Ade and John Beattie, John Pervis, James Wauch

Ringane Armstrong of Auchinbedrig, Sim thomas and Robert Armstrong, James and Alexander Halliday, Christie, John, Arthur and Tom Bell, Andrew laurie, Archie Lovett, Adam Potts

George Armstorng in Betholme, Patone Armstong, Rob Halliday, Andrew Beattie

John graham in Hoill, David and Archie Graham

Symon Graham in Logan, George, Robbie and Jock beattie, Martin Moffat, Jock and Tom Wilson, Fergus Halliday, Humphrey Rowell, John Irving

Tom henderson in Brekenwhat, Humphrey Bell alias Lamb, John Corrie, John Kirkpatrick, Willie Millar, Fergus Armstrong brother to Kynmont, John Johnstone, Jeffrey Irving, Archie Irving, Jock Graham, Rob Clerk, Willie Kirkpatrick, David Watson, Wattie Graham, Thomas Johnstone, Adam, George and Richie Rae

Christie Armstrong in Carron, Quintin, Andrew and Geordie Armstrong brothers, Christie Armstrong son to Quintin, Jock Armstrong son to Andrew, Ninian Armstrong so to Patone, Ninian?

Geordie Armstrong in Thorywhat, Chrisie Armstrong called Armstrong Christie!

John Turner in Torniwhat

Jamie Armstrong in Carron

 Tom Armstrong of  Gyngillis so to Andrew, ade murray, Willie Dryane, Jamie and Archie little, Archie Beattie, Matthew Little, Jamie little, Edward, Ringane and lance Armstrong, Willie Scott, Ade Scott, Allie, Archie and geordie Armstrong, Ade and Jamie Graham, Roger Armstrong

Ekie Armstrong (in?) Gyngill, Andrew Armstrong his son, Tom Armstrong, Hob and Allie Wilson, Geordie Armstrong, Nicky Graham, Jenkin, Davy, Gibby John Jock Bartie and Sandy Little, Peter, Jock and Alexander Bell, Cuddie Little, Jock IrvingAndrew Bell, Jamie bell

Alexander Armstrong of the Gingillis

Tom Armstrong in Craig son to Alexander, Matthew Little, Archie, Willie and Hew Armstrong brother of the Gyngillis

Sim Little laird of Miekledale, Archie, Wattie, John and Addie little, John Scott, Andrew little

Jock Turner in Kirkton, Cuddie Little, John scott, Willie Stevenson

George Armstrong in Howgill, Andrew Henderson

Tom Armstrong of the Wray, Jock Armstrong,

Will Little in Bombie, Geordie and John Little brothers, Jasper, Geordie, Will, Rob, Nicky and Jock Little, Jock Little son of John Little, Wattie Little

Ninian Armstrong in Broomholme, John, Ekkie and Anthony Armstrong, Herbert Irving

Captain John Maxwell of Akinhead

Lieutenant Thomas Menteith

Ensign Thomas McBlair

Sergeant James Newall

Sergeant Robert Gourlay

Corporal Thomas Salwricht

Corporal William Sinclair

*Lance Corporal John Carruthers

Lance Corporal John Thompson

Lance Corporal Andrew Glencorse

Furrier John Welsh

Taburrie Thomas McCaddon   12

John Kidd, John Wilson, Gilbert Barncleuch, Thomas Gladstains, …… Gladstains his brother, John Maxwell in Isle, *James Carruthers, Archie Boyd, Cubbie Roddick, Willie McCrae, Nicol Edgar, John Maxwell in Barchill, Malcolm McKinney, John Napier, David Welsh, James Greir, John Glencorse, *Tom Carruthers, John Edgar in Holme, Willie Edgar, John Maxwell (tailor), Thomas Martin (tailor), Willie Martin, John Martin, Matthew McCrea, Jon Dickson, Robert Maxwell, Geordie Maxwell, Peter Shitlington, Tom Spence, Roger Muirhead, Thomas Wallace, Fergus Neilson, *Herbert Carruthers, John Wilson (cook), Willie McMorren, John Thompson, Wattie White, Steven Robson, John Brown, William Irving, John Laurie, John Rodden, Andrew Laurie, John Maxwell (Fourmerkland), Robert Smith, William Maxwell, Malcolm MacKinnell, David McMath (?), Robert Reid, Herbert Carlisle, Andrew Dickson, Herbert Duncan, Robert Frasier, John Andreson, David Welsh, Jamie Clerk, John Scott, Thomas Milligan, *Andrew Carruthers, Adam Black, Peter Miller, Thomas Wallace, John McKean, William Stewart, Thomas Potter, Nicoll Hathow, George Maxwell, James Thompson, Aymer Greir, James Porter, Edward Maxwell, Steven Glencross, Archie Welsh, John McFadgeon, James Reid, Robert Hutchison, Willie Anderson, Thomas Hapiland, Cuthbert Miller, Edward Duncan, Corporal Richard Lockhart, David Edgar (smith), John Maxwell (Craigie), Hew Moffat, James Dempster, James Carmont, Patrick Sanderson, Andrew Maxwell, James Milligan, Peter Williamson, Sandie Bratton, James Carriock, John Edgar, John Kelton, John Campbell, James Kennaird, Andrew Milne, John Davidson, Hew Montgomery, Patrick Maxwell, Alan Hamilton, John Gordon, Thomas Kirkpatrick, John Sharp, John McKay, Herbert Maxwell, Andrew Wilson, Richard Herries, Robert Herries, James Irving, Robert Forsyth, Herbert Clerk, James Gaw, Robert Horner, Willie Calge, John Gilsang Lebody (?), Thomas Hannay, Thomas Herries, Roger McMorrie, Gilbert Wilson, Robert Fleming, Thomas Darioch, Robert Rogie, Robert Bomano, William Shanks, Willliam Graham, John Woodhall, David McKean, Andrew McLennan, Sandie Laurie, Alexander Black, Patrick Lewis, Martin Murdoch, Matthew Tynding, Henry Callister, John McWalter, John Carmichael, Gilbert Edislaw, Richie Bell, Alexander McCulloch, John Johnstone, John Potts 142

Lieutenant David Oliphant

Cornet Thomas Dawson

Cornet Simon Moffat

Sergeant James Herriot

Sergeant Gilbert Caldwall

Sergeant John Dickson

Sergeant Robert Buckmire

Captain James Fraser

Lieutenant James Ford

Adjutant John Cunningham

Corporal Patrick Kay

Corporal Thomas Barry

Corporal John Gaw

Lance Corporal John Dempster   14

William Guile, Edward Meakle, William Philps, Thomas Hannay, John Hook, John Barbour, John Geichen, Cuthbert Meek, John Libody, Donald Hay, William Graham, William Cunningham, Gillespie McNaught, John Stewart, John Cunningham, John Learmouth, Alexander McLennen, Ninian Muirhead, James Gibson, John Mundell, David McKean, Charles Crawfurd, Thomas Crichton, David Hay, John Wilson, Corporal John McCulloch, William Heron, Andrew Anderson, Walter Irving, David Richardson, Robert Gardner, Ringane Kirkpatrick, Adam Pawling, Homer Bodden, Patrick Athlone, Robert Stewart, William McCulge, Lance Corporal Alexander Bog, Thomas Dodds, John Edgar, James Rae, William McKeown, Andrew Oliver, James Brown, James Cahill, Thomas Hannay, James Grier, Robert Hannay, James McKeown,Thomas McCartnay, William Cunningham, John Martin pforce, William Scot, John Montgomery, George McMyn, Thomas Spence, Edward Law, Jamie Grier elder, John Muir, Thomas Muir, Gilbert McNelly, John Barry, Patrick Gibson, John Panton, Fergus McDowell, Andrew McBrum, James Baxter, William Coupland, Gilbert Meakle, John McCowell, William Montgomery, John Hook, Adam Loch, David Richardson younger, Thomas Stuart   74

Captain William Maxwell

Lieutenant David Oliphant

Adjutant Thomas McBrair

Sergeant John Vaus

Sergeant John Glessell,

Sergeant Robert Maxwell

Corporal Clement Edgar

Lance Corporal David Anderson

Lance Corporal Nichol Scrymgeor   9

Matthew Hairstanes, Thomas Adamson, John LittleJohn, James McQueen, John Smith, Adam Walker, Alexander Glendonning, William Maxwell, William Maitland, John Short, Andrew Mayne, John Chatteris, John Wilson Turnor, Andrew Dargavell, Robert Crawfurd, Robert Greig, John Ferguson wobstair, Robert Wilson, John McMorren, John Edgar, Cuddie Kay, John Hunt, Ellis Maxwell, Gavin Kirkpatrick, John Horner, John McKinnell, John McDowell, Andrew McKay William Chatteris, Patrick Hoslane, Edward Rawling, William Guffock, John Ketoun, Thomas Richardson, Thomas Williamson, John Kay, Simon Mcnaught, David Hynd, John Edgar Minister, John Kennedy, John McBurnie, William Palmer, John White, John Hochane, James Burn, Herbert Dickson, John Hastie, Andrew Athlone, Andrew Aitkin, William Murray, Johnny Fynn, John Ford, Adam Ranking, Fergus Reid, Thomas Moffat, James Kirkpatrick, Jamie Shaw, John Whiteman, John Henderson, David Wilson, Ninian Smart, Matthew Tinding, Michael Uchthson, William Cowan, Jiohn Ghair, John Michaelson, John Heron, Hobie McKay, Robert Dunn, James McGill, William Abercrombie, William Clerk, Thomas Rich, John Woodhall, Adam Thompson, Matthew Turner, Henry Milligan, William Johnstone (Lockerbie), Robert Fleming, Gilbert McClermochin, Andrew Johnstone, Richard Bell, John Moffat, John Tolibody, Mungo Maxwell, Andrew Grey, John McGubb, John Rawling, Robert Crawfurd, John & Robert Kirkpatrick, William Neilson, Herbert Johnstone, Robert Miller, Nicoll Forrest, James Lawson, Thomas McKie, John Dickson (English), William Johnstone, Andrew Brown, James Byers, John Palmer, Anthony Wild, John Key, Fergus Reid, William Clerk, John Brich, George Moffat, Robert Edgar, Richie Thompson, John McCulloch, John Kay, Geordie Wallace, John Corsane, John Rowell, John Gledstanes younger, Herbert Cunningham (saddler), Cubie Cunningham, Robert Patterson, Andrew Robson, Herbert Buckmire, Andrew Blackstock, Willie Shortrig, Michael Anderson, Robert Murdoch, Mark Wardlaw, Gilbert Beattie, John Hairstains, John Duncan, John Ferguson, John Luke, John Kirk, Matthew Irving, John Mudell, Robert Forsyth, John Cunningham (tailor), David Gordon, Willie Hope, Robert Greir, Hobie Dickson, Jamie Welsh, John Rawling, Nichol Forsyth, Willie Edgar, Andrew Greir, Adam Walker, James Maxwell, David Maxwell, John Patterson, Robert Newall, Matthew Tait, Cubie Hewitt, John Paterson  155

Captain John Maxwell of Newlaw

Cornet Alexander Maxwell in Logan

Quartermaster James Hunter in Druishynoch

Quertermaster Andrew Lindsay of Fairgarth

Trumpeter Willie Dickson    5

Roger Gordon of Kirkconnell, James Canon, *John Carruthers in Holmains, Herbert Hunter in Druishynoch, James McLennen in Nidderthird, William Douglas in Penerie, Cuthbert Murray, Charlie McRae of Acket, Watt Irving of Robgill, Frances Carlisle son to Jock (Carlisle), Cubie Milligan, *Laird Wormonbie younger (Carruthers of Wormonbie?),*Willie Carruthers his brother, Tom McBrier, John Kirkpatrick, Thomas Maxwell, James Maxwell (Priestlands), Patone Bell (Highmure), David Bell (Holmehead), Wattie Bell in Middlebie Hill, Steven Glencorse of that Ilk, *John Carruthers of Danby, Wattie Bell son to Jock Bell, Richie Bell his brother, Will Graham (clothman), Geordie Bell of Annan, Robert Murray of Clonyard, Alexander Cameron, John Murray, John Gordon, Leonard Roddick, Frances Armstrong of Kinmont, Jamie Armstrong of Canonbie, Frances Armstrong of Whitehauch, Frances Carlisle son to Alexander (Carlisle), John Johnstone of Lands, Geordie Graham of Carruthers, Ninian Armstrong of Auchinbedrig, Frances Irving of Kirkpatrick, Watt Irving his brother, Dick Irving in the Rushes, Richie Bell (Surgeon), Humphrey MacGowen, John Johnstone in Cummertrees, Richie Murray (Acket), Sandie Armstrong (Kinmont), Frances Armstrong (Slatt) James Hunter, Robert Murray, John Johnstone (Tundergarth) Andrew Johnstone (Muirhead), Robert Armstrong, Hobie Graham, John Graham    54

*Captian George Carruthers of Holmains

*Cornet Charles Carruthers, his son

Quartermaster Hew Maxwell in Balgredden

Quartermaster Edward Irving of Kirkpatrick   4

Abraham & Edward Irving his sons, *Christie Carruthers (Dormont) *Willie Carruthers his brother, George Graham (Meidhope) Hobie Sturgeon, Andrew Sturgeon, *John Carruthers (Ramershalls) *Matthew Carruthers, John Bell, David Irving (Robgill) Willie Armstrong (Tweeddale) Willie Armstrong (Priestdykes) Richie Graham (Meidhope), John, Frances, Sim, Fergus and Wattie Graham his sons, Wattie Graham (Akinshaw Hill), William Graham (Beddockholme), William Blackburn, John Robson, *John Carruthers, John Gibson, Willie Graham (Blawartwood), Robert Graham (Langriggs), Jamie Rome (Cordoch), Simon Graham, Serk Jeffries, Will Irving, Watt Irving (Cawartisholme), Hobie Sturgeon, Richie Irving, Willie Irving in Millflat, Andrew Bell (Holmehead), Andrew Wreson, Geordie Graham, William Wright, *Simon Carruthers, Patrick Dunbar, William Menzies in Castlehill, Andrew Menzies, Alexander Douglas, John Maxwell (Mersehead).  45

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