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Clan Carruthers: Now official in Canada

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Our Society, officially formed in 2017 and based on a Royal Charter to Carruthers of Holmains in 1755, has tried very hard to ensure that we have done everything correctly, transparently and set on solid foundations. We publish the facts in relation to both our family specifically and Scotland in general, based on evidence and robust research.

Although the Society has been represented in Canada since its inception in 2017, we are happy to announce that, after ensuring the ‘t’s were crossed and the ‘i’s dotted, Clan Carruthers Society – Canada (CCS-Canada) was this week accepted as a not-for-profit incorporation. As the regional branch of Clan Carruthers Society – International (CCS-I), CCS-Canada, is fully supported by us all and the Clan Chief has agreed to act as its Honorary President.

In the same vein as CCS-USA, who last year were incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 organisation, registration in Canada ensures the clan has legal representation in the region. “It is a huge step forward for Carruthers in Canada, and all down to the hard work and tenacity of those involved” say the Convenor of CCS-I, Dr George Carruthers FSA (Scot). He goes on to say that “Much of the work is down to Graham Carruthers of Ontario, who has steadfastly taken this project forward”.

“Graham, is a well-respected member of the CCS-I Executive, who was ably assisted by the incumbent Clan Commissioner, Andrew Carruthers also of Ontario, who submitted the paperwork this week. Happily, a positive response was received quite quickly by the governmentdepartment involved and the paperwork was returned signed and accepted”.

The Society in Canada is represented by its Regional Council/Board:

Peter Carruthers of Holmains – Clan Chief / Honorary President

Andrew Carruthers – Convenor / Regional Clan Commissioner.

Graham Carruthers – Regional Secretary-Treasurer / CCSI Executive Secretary

Janet Rossiter – Vice Commissioner

Laurie Carruthers Canon  – Director of Genealogy (Canada)

Robert Carruthers – Director at Large

George Carruthers – CCS-I Representative

Once confirmed by the Chief, the Regional Clan Commissioner will sit on the International Council to represent his region and join the Commissioners from the other regions;

Dana Caruthers Norton FSA (Scot), Clan Commissioner -USA

Cecilia Mitchell-Carruthers, Clan Commissioner – Europe

Gary Carruthers, Clan Commissioner Australasia and Oceania.

The Clan Chief; Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains sends his kindest regards. He is genuinely over the moon with the progress and wishes to convey his warmest congratulations and thanks to all concerned. Holmains is more than aware of all the hard work carried out in Canada on behalf of Clan Carruthers and the people doing it. Again Carruthers history being made.

Thank you all.

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