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Clan Carruthers: Ringwood Highland Games, Australia.

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Since the Clan Chief was confirmed in August last year, and had his additaments granted in November, this is the first official clan gathering in which Carruthers have been represented.

The 2020 Games were held virtually due to COVID 19. Clan Carruthers were pleased to be asked to participate.

Both the Clan Commissioner for Australasia and Oceania, Gary Carruthers and the Clan Convenor of the CCS-I, Dr George Carruthers, were interviewed by Joshua Plante, one of the organisers. These interviews were watched by 1000’s of folks throughout Australia.

We have to thank our Society’s Regional Secretary, Craig Monument, for liaising with the organisers who set it all up.

image3-2Ringwood Highland Games and Celtic Festival, to give it its full name, were first held in 1966 at the suggestion of the first woman to be Mayor of Ringwood, the late Elisabeth Penny.

The games are formatted in the tradition of highland games held in Scotland and other countries to celebrate Scottish and Celtic culture and heritage.

In their original form many centuries ago, highland games revolved around athletic and sporting competitions.

These competitions were used to identify the finest athletes. The athletes went on to hold many positions within the clan, such as messengers and warriors. The games were also a way for the clans to demonstrate their strength to each other, without actually having to go to war.

Within the festival, the Heavy Games, such as Tossing the Caber and Hammer Throw, allow challengers to take part in competitions originating in the homelands of Scotland, to test their strength and prowess against the best that Australia can bring.

iu-9.jpegThe Festival itself is therefore well known as a showcase of Scottish and Celtic heritage and traditions, with twenty five or more Pipe Bands and more than a hundred highland dancers competing.

The bagpipe symbolises music at the Games and, indeed, in Scotland itself. In addition to the massed bands, our gatherings feature a wide range of piping and drumming competition, including solo piping and drumming, small group ensembles and, of course, the pipe bands themselves.

The Clans (usually up to 30 in number) are further invited to promote their personal history and heritage and help inform the inquisitive of the facts surrounding their family.

The Games themselves gathers the best competitive Highland & Country dancers from around Australia and includes other forms of Celtic music, such as dancing, fiddling, harp circles and folk bands.

Various food vendors will also offer assorted types of traditional Scottish refreshment and sustenance.

Established 53 years ago, it remains the only Highland Gathering in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.

Carruthers were proud to be supporters in these difficult times and look forward to displaying our Clan banners at next years’ festival.

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