Clan Carruthers

Clan Carruthers: We were there.

Below is a poem written by our Convenor , about the failed charge by the Scottish cavalry at the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh on 10th September 1547. This is the year before Holmains became chief due to the death of Sir Simon Carruthers of Mouswald. Simon was killed in 1548 during a Border raid into the Debatable lands of the Scottish West March.

John Carruthers, 5th of Holmains had been involved in the Battle of Solway Moss five years earlier. It was during this battle that his eldest son and heir were killed. Yet, here he is again, leading a charge of a squadron of 200 Border cavalry, against a better equipped enemy, again in the defence of his Crown and Country.

There aren’t many verses about the exploits of our family out there, although a few do exist. When we came across this one, we thought it would be a nice add-on to our society website. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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