Clan Carruthers

Clan Carruthers: Founding Membership coming to an end. Last chance to apply.


clan cert final Dec 2019 foundingAs a Society, we have allowed members to register as Founding Members of the CCS-I.

This tier of membership came live on January 2020, and registration of the same will cease in June 2020. This is to ensure that its currency and value stays intact within the Society itself going forward. These individuals will be listed as such and will remain in our Society’s annals for future generations to peruse.

If you do wish to apply, time is definately running out, after which only ordinary membership joining or renewal will be available in this catagory.

This is a one off opportunity to be a part of the history of the Clan and Family of Carruthers and listed as such. The certificate itself, will carry the signature of both the Chief of the Clan; Peter Carruthers of Holmains and the Society Convenor and will include the Society’s Seal.

Framed, it looks good on the wall of any Carruthers who retains pride in their Scottish ancestry and clearly states the same.

The certificate was commissioned by the CCSI, designed by George Carruthers and produced by the artist Andrew Warren and is copyrighted to the Clan Carruthers Society-International. 

Membership details can be found here: 

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