Clan Carruthers, Coat of Arms, False Claims

Clan Carruthers: Even a woman remains open to abuse, it seems!

Misuse of Convenors Wife’s Arms (left of site name)

These arms have been posted before on our web-pages and appeared by consent of the individual concerned, after their granting by the Lord Lyon in 2017. They are the arms of the Clan Society Convenor and that of his immediate family.  However, in order to try to prevent plagiarism (see left), we are posting them again.

Nothing is sacred in some quarters, it seems, and the site to the left, who have chosen to use the arms of the Convenor’s wife, actually has nothing to do with the Convenor’s wife, family, or even our society.

Another fake site; this time, at least, using the correct tartan and clan badges on their page.

Be careful out there folks, all that glitters is not gold.

 As we all know, arms belong only to an individual and are not for use by anyone else outside their immediate family.  Below is the progression of arms within the Convenor’s own family, from eldest son to second son, to wife and daughters.

The use of a cadency mark of an inverted ‘E’ on the shield of the grantee’s eldest son depicts the fact that he is heir to those arms. The bordure/border shows the position of the younger son, who would start a cadet line from the grantee’s shield. This is similar to the shield of Dormont with the border around the Holmains arms,  showing clearly that they are a cadet line directly from Holmains and progressing to Gary Carruthers, Clan Commissioner for Australasia and Oceania, from his family through Brydegill and Guileburn, as a cadet of Dormont.Holmains, dormont, GaryLindsay Carruthers Cartouche CordelierAs women do not hold shields, the husband’s, father’s arms or their own arms if granted, are depicted within a lozenge, as can be seen here. The differences between mother and daughter using the father’s arms is clearly depicted below. If you ever feels that you wish to petition for Carruthers Arms, please let us know and we will try and help you through the process, if eligible to proceed.

Arms and Family of George Carruthers for fb.jpg

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