Clan Carruthers, Interview, Lord Lyon

Clan Carruthers: A video on the Office of the Lord Lyon and its important link and acceptance worldwide.

The video made by the Lyon in our last blog touches on the Lord Lyon’s role in the granting and matriculation of arms. It is well worth a watch, or as we say in Scotland, a ‘shooftie’. However, this video goes into greater detail and should  help dispelsome of the myths that may exist.

The question of course is how is the Lyon is viewed outwith his jurisdiction of Scotland. His invitation to many parts of the world to speak and represent Scotland and Scottish culture is well shown in this video from the 2019 Scottish North American Leadership Conference, held in Detroit.  Dr Morrow is a greatly admired individual whose decisions are respected worldwide, where ever Scottish culture is celebrated.

This is reflected, not only in the introduction by Dr Durie, but in the information within the video itself, which fully describes the role, history and decision making process of the Lord Lyon and his place in the Scottish Judiciary.  This also includes the processes involved in confirming a Scottish Clan Chief, with the latter, describing in part the process of analysis in which Carruthers went through and further included two court hearings All this before the Lyon was fully satisfied that he had enough legal and genealogical justification and confirmed our Clan Chief.

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is an organisation in which legitimate Scottish Chiefs are invited to sit and take their lead from the register of the Lord Lyon. This is in the respect that, if the individual has not been confirmed through due process to bear the arms of the chief and carry the name as head of the clan or family (i.e. recognised as Chief by the Lord Lyon), they cannot and will not be invited to sit on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.

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Only those chiefs with supporters on their arms will be permitted to hold a hereditary seat. Those who do not, will not and need to reapply after the passing of every new chief.

Clan Carruthers has been invited to sit on the Council, or at least our Chief, Peter Carruthers of Holmains has, in a hereditary position. Carruthers of Holmains received a grant of supporters of two fallow backs rampant, just after he was confirmed as Chief, in August last year.

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