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The Clan Chief, Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains, would like to congratulate the region for its achievements to date and wishes the extended Council good luck in its endeavours. He is proud to see how the Clan and the regions are all coming together under the banner of the officially recognised Clan Carruthers Society – International.

Clan Carruthers Society-Australia has been in existence for a few years now, but has recently changed its name to encompass the wider area. It welcomes all Carruthers from other parts of the region it serves, to join us in celebrating our pride in our Scottish ancestry and our Border Reiver Clan.

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Clan Carruthers Society – Australasia/Oceania covers the region of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  It is governed by a Regional Clan Council headed by the Clan Commissioner for the region, Gary J. Carruthers. Gary is not only an armiger in the clan, who has had his own arms granted by the Lord Lyon, but also is renowned in the clan as the senior CCSI Genealogist for the region.

Like all the others on the Council, his history sits deep in the Carruthers name, hailing from the clan branch of Carruthers of Guileburn and Brydegill.  As with the other Regional Commissioners, Gary was officially commissioned into his post by the Clan Chief Peter Carruthers of Holmains.

CCS-Australasia/Oceania is in full membership of the regional clan society associations, in this case being the Scottish-Australian Heritage Society (SAHC), with the Secretariat for the region based in Victoria, Australia and has applied to the Scottish Clan Association of New Zealand.

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Our Commissioner is ably assisted by his Council and consists of members covering the region.

CSS-Australasia / Oceania’s new Council consists of :

Position                                                              Name

Regional Clan Commissioner:                     Gary Carruthers
Vice Convener:                                                 Graham Carruthers
Regional Secretary:                                        Craig Monument
Director and Editor:                                       Lizzie Monument
Director, Australia Southern Region:       Steve Honey
Director, Australia Northern Region:       Jean Beasley
Director, New Zealand:                                 Michelle Carruthers
Director, South Pacific:                                 Gary Hetherington Carruthers

All Regional Commissioners sit on the Executive Council of Clan Carruthers Society – International (CCSI), based in Scotland and feed back to their Regional Council. All Council members are Carruthers by name or descent. Therefore all the officers on the Council have both a long and historic relationship with the areas they represent and, as one would expect of our Scottish Border Clan, all have their family origins in Annandale, Dumfriesshire, South West Scotland.

Progressively, we will be publishing blog pieces on all our regional Council members individually from all regions. These are the people of the Clan, these are the people that matter and these are the people that make it work. We are therefore very proud to have them on board.

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