Clan Carruthers, Lord Lyon, Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs

Clan Carruthers: Current list of Scottish Clan Chiefs and Commanders.

iu-1As far as we are led to believe, the list below is accurate for Chiefs as of March 2020.

These Chiefs are recognised by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and the Lord Lyon, and all Commanders have been commissioned, again by the Lord Lyon. It obviously does not include armigerous clans.

It is also worth noting that in the case of the heads of large branches of very large clans, a Chief will be recognised, but will fall under the auspices of a High Chief of that Clan. We understand that this structure is only used by large Highland Clans, and is not seen or used in the Lowlands or Borders of Scotland

These branch Chiefs would be the closest thing Scottish Clans have to recognised Chieftains, and some may choose to class them as such. They would also carry a territorial designation with their names suggesting they are not Chiefs of the whole clan, but of a substantial branch.

A typical example of the use of chiefs with territorial designations would be branches of Clan Donald where the MacDonalds of Clanranald, MacDonalds of Sleat, Macdonalds of Keppoch, and in fact the MacDonells of Glengarry, have recognised Chiefs in their own right. However, the High Chief of all MacDonalds and all branches of the same is Lord Macdonald (MacDonald of MacDonald)

The only other obvious case which springs to mind is Clan Leod, where Macleod of Macleod is recognised as High Chief, while Macleod of Rassey and Macleod of Lewes as major branches, again have Chiefs recognised.

The Chiefs of these large clan branches may still sit on the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs in their own capacity.

Clan Chiefs are entitled to, and are granted supporters on their coat of arms. This reflects their ‘high dignity’ and status as chiefs of a Scottish clan or family. A requirement of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs for membership is that an applicant chief must demonstrate a right to hereditary supporters, as in the case of Bruce, Buchanan, Campbell, Carruthers, Elliot, Irving of Bonshaw, Fraser etc.

A chief without supporters would only be permitted to serve on the Council for their lifetime, and each successive heir would have to be re-elected in the same manner.

* signifies branches of Clan Donald and their High Chief

** signifies branches of Clan Leod and their High Chief.

Reading through the list of names below, there remains a strong sense of ancient Scottish history. From the Isles to the Highlands, to the Lowlands and the Borders, the names of our past still reflect our proud culture and heritage to this very day.

Chiefs accepted by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, the list includes Commanders holding commissions from the Lord Lyon (who cannot join the Council).

Clan/Family Chief (Commanders commisioned by the lord Lyon)
Agnew Sir Crispin Agnew of Locknaw Bt
Allardice Richard Allardice of Allardice
Anstruther Toby Anstruther of that Ilk
Arbuthnott Keith, Viscount Atbuthnott
Arthur John MacArthur of that Ilk
Bannerman Sir David Bannerman of Elsick Bt.
Barclay Peter Barclay of that Ilk
Borthwick John, Lord Borthwick
Boyle Patrick,  Earl of Glasgow
Brodie Alexander Brodie of Brodie
Broun Sir Wayne Broun of Colstoun Bt.
Bruce Andrew, Earl of Elgin & Kincardine
Buchan Charles Buchan of Auchmacoy
Buchanan John Michael Baillie-Hamilton Buchanan
Burnett James Burnett of Leys
Cameron Donald Cameron of Lochiel
Campbell Torquhil, Duke of Argyll
Carmichael Richard Carmichael of Carmichael
Carnegie David, Duke of Fife
Carruthers Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains
Cathcart Chales, Earl Cathcart
Charteris James,  Earl of Wemyss And March
Chattan John Mackintosh of Mackintosh
Chisholm Hamish Chisholm of Chisholm
Cochrane Ian, Earl of Dundonald
Colville Charles, Viscount Corville of Culross
Colquhoun Sir Malcolm Colquhoun of Luss Bt.
Cranstoun David Cranston of that Ilk
Cumming Sir Alexander Penrose Gordon Cumming of Altyre Bt
Cunningham Sir John Cunninghame of that Ilk and Corsehill
Currie Robert Currie (Commander)
Dalrymple John, Earl of Stair
Davidson Alister Davidson of Davidston
Dewar Michael Kenneth Dewar of that Ilk and Vogrie
Drummond John, Earl of Perth
Dunbar Sir James Dunbar of Mochrum Bt.
Dundas David Dundas of Dundas
Durie Andrew Durie of Durie
Elliot Madam Margaret Elliot of Redheugh
Elphinstone Alexander, Lord Elphinstone
Erskine James, Earl of Mar And Kellie
Ewen Sir John McEwen Bt. (Commander)
Ewing Thor Ewing (Commander)
Farquharson Alwyne Farquharson of Invercauld
Fergusson Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerran Bt
Forbes Nigel, Lord Gorbes
Forsyth Alistair Forsyth of that ilk
Fraser Flora, Lady Saltoun
Fraser of Lovat Simon, the Lord Lovat
Grierson Madam Sarah Grierson of Lag
Gordon Granville, Marquess of Huntly
Graham James, Duke of Montrose
Grant James Patrick Trevor Grant of Grant,
Gunn Iain Gunn of Gunn
Guthrie Alexander Guthrie of Guthrie
Haig Alexander, Earl Haig
Haldane Martin Haldane of Gleneagles
Hannay David Hannay of Kirkdale and of that Ilk
Hay Merlin, Earl of Erroll
Henderson Alistair Henderson of Fordell
Hope Sir Alexander Hope of Craighall Bt.
Hunter Madam Pauline Hunter of Hunterson
Irvine Alexander Irvine of Drum
Irving of Bonshaw Robert Irving of Bonshaw
Jardine Sir William Jardine of Applegirth Bt.
Johnstone Patrick, Earl of Annandale And Hartfell
Keith James, Earl of Kintore
Kennedy David, Marquess of Ailsa
Kerr Michael, Marquess of Lothian
Kincaid Madam Arabella Kincaid of Kincaid
Lamont Peter Noel Lamont of that Ilk
Leask Jonathan Leask of that Ilk
Leslie James, Earl of Rothes and Lord of Leslie
Lennox Edward Lennox of that Ilk
Lindsay Robert, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres
Lockhart Ranald Lockhart of The Lee
Lumsden Gillem Lumsden of that Ilk
Macalister William MacAlester of Loup and Kennox
MacAlpine Michael T. McAlpin (Commander)
MacBain James McBain of McBain
*MacDonald of Clanranald Ranald Alexander MacDonald of Clanranald
*MacDonald of Keppoch Ranald MacDonald of Keppoch
*MacDonald of MacDonald Godfrey, Lord MacDonald, (High Chief of Clan Donald)
*MacDonald of Sleat Sir Ian MacDonald of Sleat Bt.
*MacDonell of Glengarry Ranald Euan MacDonell of Glengarry
MacDougall Morag MacDougall of MacDougall
MacDowall Fergus Macdowall of Garthland
MacPhie Ian Morris MacPhie (Commander)
MacGillivray Iain MacGillivray (Commander)
MacGregor Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor Bt.
MacIntyre Donald Russell MacIntyre of Glenoe
Machlachlan Euan Maclachlan of Maclachlan
MacKay Aeneas, Lord Reay
MacKenzie John, Earl of Cromartie
MacLaine Lorne Maclaine of Lochbuie
MacLaren Donald MacLaren of MacLaren
Maclea/Livingstone Niall Livingstone of Bachuil, Baron the Bachuil
MacLean Sir Lachlan MacLean of Duart and Morvern Bt.
MacLennan Ruairidh MacLennan of MacLennan
*Macleod of Macleod Hugh, Macleod of Macleod, (High Chief of Clan Leod)
*Macleod of Raasay John Macleod of Raasay
*Macleod of the Lewes Torquhil Macleod of the Lewes
Macmillan George MacMillan of MacMillan and Knap
Macnab Jamie Macnab of Macnab
MacNaghten Sir Malcolm Francis MacNaghten of MacNaghten Bt
Macneacail John Macneacail of Macneacail & Scorrabreac
Macneil Roderick Macneil of Barra
Macpherson Sir William Macpherson of Cluny
MacTavish Steven MacTavish of Dunardry
MacThomas Andrew MacThomas of Finegand
Maitland Ian, Earl of Lauderdale
Makgill Ian, Viscount Oxfuird
Malcolm Robin Malcolm of Poltalloch
Mar Margaret, Countess of Mar
Marjoribanks Andrew Marjoribanks of that Ilk
Matheson Sir Alexander Matheson of Matheson, Bt
McBain James McBain of McBain
Menzies David Ronald Stuart Menzies of that Ilk
Moffat Madam Jean Moffat of that Ilk
Moncreiffe Peregrine Moncreiffe of that Ilk
Montgomery Archibald,  Earl of Eglinton & Winton
Morrison John Ruairdh Morrison of Ruchdi
Munro Hector Munro of Foulis
Murray Bruce, Duke of Atholl
Napier Francis, Lord Napier and Ettrick
Nesbitt Mark Nesbitt of that Ilk
Ogilvy David, Earl of Airlie
Oliphant Richard Oliphant of that Ilk
Pringle Sir Norman Pringle of that Ilk and Stichil Bt
Ramsay Simon, Earl of Dalhousie
Riddell Sir Walter John Buchanan Riddell Bt
Robertson Gilbert Robertson of Struan
Rollo David, Lord Rollo
Rose David Rose of Kilravock
Ross David Ross of Ross and Balnagowan
Ruthven Alexander, Earl of Gowrie
Sempill James, Lord Sempill
Scott Richard, Duke of Buccleuch
Scrymgeour Alexander, Earl of Dundee
Shaw of Tordarroch Iain Shaw of Tordarroch
Sinclair Sinclair, Earl of Caithness
Skene Dugald Skene of Skene
Stirling Fraser Stirling of Cader
Strachan Rob Strachan (Commander)
Strange Timothy Strange of Balcaskie
Sutherland Alistair, Earl of Sutherland
Swinton John Swinton of that Ilk
Trotter Alexander Trotter of Mortonhall
Urquhart Wilkins Urquhart of Urquhart
Wallace Andrew Wallace of that Ilk
Wedderburn David, Lord Scrymgeour
Wemyss Michael Wemyss of Wemyss
Wood Joseph John Hugh Fawcett Wood of Largo

 -To be or not to be, or when is a ‘chief’ not a Chief-  

Q: So when is a claim of being a Scottish Chief not recognised?

A: If the claim is not recognised by the Lord Lyon and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, then an individual is not recognised as holding any credibility or legality in that title.

Heads of clan societies, whether Presidents, Convenors or Chairpersons only lead the society and do not lead a Scottish clan or family, nor do any title holders inferred by the same.

If no chief exists, e.g. the clan or family is armigerous, a gathering in Scotland under the auspices of the Lord Lyon may take place. If the derbhfine is successful, a Clan Commander (not a Chief or Chieftain) is commissioned to lead the clan in the absence of a chief for a period of time designated by the Lord Lyon. This is usually up to 10 years, and can be repeated.

This position of Commander exists while the hereditary line of the original Chief is investigated. If no living members of that line are found or choose not to come forward, the Commander may be accepted in due course as the Chief of that clan or family.

The clan or family remains armigerous until a chief is confirmed through the granting of the right to bear the chiefly arms by the Lord Lyon. At this stage supporters are either granted or not, along with other such designations as Chief of the Name and Arms or of that Ilk. At this point, an invitation to sit on the Council of Standing Chiefs would be appropriate.

Chiefs Arms mock upfallow deer v3
Chief’s Arms

Therefore, in the same vein as all other Border families and clans, Carruthers do not have anyone who legally holds the title ‘Chieftain’ and our Chief, recognised by both the Lord Lyon King of Arms and the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is Dr Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers.

All other claims relating to our Name/Clan/Family are simply inaccurate, misinformed, deliberately fraudulent and/or self-seeking.

Membership of our Society, which is recognised by the Clan Chief, can be found here:

Clan Carruthers Society WP footnote grey

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