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Clan Carruthers: Another fraud: the Fake Lord of Lochaber

george_gordon_original.jpgWe are all aware of the bizarre and fake claims being made by some within our own family and their misuse of the Chief’s arms, but it seems that even the Lyon Court has limits to his patience, even if they live outside of Scotland.

At the end of the day, fraud is fraud, and those who condone or support it have to be accessories to the fact – it really is that simple.

Lord of Lochaber

The Lord of Lochaber was a title in the peerage of Scotland. Lochaber historically consisted of the former parishes of Kilmallie and Kilmonivaig, prior to the reduction of these parishes, the lands extended from the northern shore of Loch Leven to beyond Spean Bridge and Roy Bridge, known as Brae Lochaber. The last Lord Lochaber died in 1728.

Those who held the title include

  • John II Comyn (??-1302)
  • John III Comyn (1302-1306)
  • Aonghus Óg Mac Domhnaill, Lord of Islay (died 1314×1318/c.1330)
  • John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray (??-1346)
  • John of Islay, Lord of the Isles (1376–1386)
  • Alistair Carragh Macdonald (1386-1431)
  • forfeited to the Crown
  • George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gordon (1684-1716)
  • Alexander Gordon, 2nd Duke of Gordon (1678-1728)
National Galleries of Scotland

General Alexander Gordon, 2nd Duke of Gordon (c. 1678-1728), styled Earl of Enzie until 1684 and the Marquess of Huntly from 1684 to 1716, was a Scottish peer and the last Lord of Lochaber.

Gordon was the son of George Gordon, 1st Duke of Gordon and Lady Elizabeth Howard, the daughter of the Roman Catholic Henry Howard, 6th Duke of Norfolk. He fought with the Jacobites at the battle of Sheriffmuir, with three hundred horsemen and two thousand foot. On 12 February 1716, he surrendered at Gordon Castle to John Gordon, 16th Earl of Sutherland. He was imprisoned at Edinburgh, but obtained a pardon when his father died and entered his inheritance as 2nd Duke on 7 December 1716.

He is mentioned in the Jacobite riddling song Cam Ye O’er Frae France, referred to as “Cockalorum”, an epithet derived from the traditional nickname of the head of the Gordon clan, “Cock o’ the North”

The Fake Lord of Lochaber

According the the Scottish news paper The Press and Journal (December 2019), the Lyon Court has ordered ‘Lord of Lochaber’ to stop using the ”fraudulent’ title and coat of arms’.

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