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Clan Carruthers: Dana Caruthers Norton, FSA Scot.

iu-2.jpegWe have pleasure in announcing that Mrs Dana Caruthers Norton was elected as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland at their AGM on St Andrews Night, the 30th of November 2019. This entitles her to use the post-nominal FSA Scot.

Dana was accepted for her strong background in Genealogy and Carruthers history in the United States of America and its link to Scotland and its culture. She is known to rail against any bad practice or weak evidence, especially when it causes embarrassment to either her country or the name of Carruthers

Receipt of her fellowship came as no surprise to those who know her, and we feel she will be an asset to the Society of Antiquaries (SA). The SA are headquartered in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, their purpose being to promote the cultural heritage of Scotland, and Dana has supported this in abundance.

It was founded on the 18th December 1780, and received its Royal Charter in 1783 during the time of John Carruthers, 12th of Holmains, and 8th Baron, the 4x great grandfather of our current Chief.  Fellowship of the Society is based on the recognition of an individual’s contribution to the purpose and mission of the Society Dana was proposed and seconded by two fellows well regarded in their fields.  The recognition she received is therefore well deserved and appreciated by the Clan Chief who also sends his congratulations.

Therefore this is not only a great honour for Dana but is a great honour for the clan, as she follows the current Clan Society Convenor, Dr George Carruthers in attaining Fellowship.

33103731_1617874241644552_5133627323458781184_nDana received a further honour from the Chief, Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains.  Although she had been Society Clan Commissioner for the United States of America since its inception in 2017, confirmation of this post was left with the Chief.

We are further pleased to announce that Dana Caruthers Norton is officially recognised as the Clan Commissioner of the United States of America and has been informed as such by our Chief, Dr Peter Carruthers of Holmains.

As a founder of the Society, Dana has been an asset since the beginning and a great supporter of our Convenor. Her family were some of the first of our name, if not the first, to land in the Americas from Scotland. They fought against the British in the American War of Independence, allowing her to become a recognised Daughter of the American Revolution (DAR). Dana is a true patriot, vehemently proud of being an American, but just as fiercely proud of her Scottish roots and Carruthers ancestry and it shows in the work that she produces.

Her skills and tenacity as a genealogist are also well known within the clan and external to it. Dana heads the Clan Society Genealogy Group, and she does this for two reasons; to give a solid foundation for others of the clan to build upon, and to counteract the many false claims and bad research being propagated, which in itself leads to self perpetuating bad genealogy and again false claims, something she wishes to prevent.

So, from all here at CCSI, congratulations Dana Caruthers Norton DAR, FCA Scot, Clan Commissioner for the United States of America, this is much deserved and we thank you for all your hard work to date.

CCSI Executive

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