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CLAN CARRUTHERS: Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada


CASSOC, the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada was formed in January 1976 led by Mr Donald Campbell. It’s Newsletter was called Ad Drochaid (the Bridge) at the organisations inception, which is still issued today. Their first AGM was held in November of that year, having 31 paid member groups registered. CASSOC has grown from strength to strength since its formation into what it is today, the pre-eminent umbrella group for all those who respect and embrace our Scottish culture, history and heritage.

CASSOC is a not for profit organisation, which offers a link between various Clans and Scottish Societies. They therefore encourage the celebration of our Scottish Cultural Heritage and the promotion of this Scottish Culture in all its aspects. They further seek to be the assembly of all groups who are pursuing Scottish interests and are supportive of the path that Clan Carruthers has taken to have a chief legally and officially recognised by the Lyon Court in Edinburgh, Scotland .

CASSOC encourages research into our Scottish heritage, both cultural and linguistic. As an organisation they embrace history, music, dance, poetry, song, legend, sports, military tradition, costume, custom, culinary art, tale telling and the family structure that has come down to us from Scotland — both Highland and Lowland.

Recreationally, they support family outings centred around Scottish traditions and the Clan structure in such as Highland games and gatherings.

CASSOC currently have two distinguished patrons :

  • Charles Edward Bruce, Lord Bruce DL MA MSc FSA Scot, eldest son of the Earl of Elgin and heir to the Chiefship of the Name of Bruce.
  • Major The Honourable Sir Lachlan MacLean of Duart-BT CVO DL. 12th Baronet and 28th Chief of Clan Maclean.

Clan Carruthers Society International are proud to be in membership and we received a very warm welcome at their AGM, held Sunday 25 November in North York, Ontario. Our clan was ably represented by Mr Graham Carruthers CCSI Executive Secretary and Vice Commissioner for Canada and Mr George Carruthers, a member of our society and we thank them for their work and attendance on our behalf.

CASSOC Secretary JoAnn Tuskin and Graham Carruthers, CCSI Vice Commissioner

Our clan representatives were welcomed and well received. Our Society report was given, which is included in italics below. Again the information was very well received by CASSOC who offered their congratulations on our hard work and the progress we have achieved to date.

During the course of the meeting many new friends were made from other societies, to include the past president of the Fergus Scottish Festival My Dave Radley who headed one of the largest Scottish Gatherings in Canada. During conversation, the importance of following the route of confirmation of a Chief through the Lord Lyon was discussed and he kindly offered to help us in any way he could, with the upcoming 2019 Fergus Festival.

As our point of contact with CASSOC, it was also very nice to finally meet their secretary JoAnn Tuskin who works extremely hard in the background. Amongst other topics covered JoAnn expressed her excitement for Clan Carruthers in attaining official clan status through the Lyon Court early in 2019.

It also seems that our society website is being viewed and appreciated by other clans, as our poster on the clan crests of the 17 named clans 1587 was being shown around by Clan Elliott who mentioned that they were happy another Reiver clan had attended.

We were also informed of and invited to the Great Canadian Kilt Skate held at Nathan Phillips square in Toronto which was named kilt skate capitol of the year. This event has grown from 300 to 1500 people registered this year and there will be a clan row as well – 10 tables which could be shared by 2 clans each. Looks like a great event !!

CASSOC are also planning on putting together a comprehensive list of Canadian Scottish festivals and events coming up next year for the benefit of its members.

All in all our society received a very warm welcome by all those in attendance, our report was gratefully and excitedly received with overwhelming support for the route we have taken and we look forward to becoming more actively involved in the future.

The CCSI again thank Graham and George for their kindness in representing our Clan in such a prestigious organisation as CASSOC.

Some of the representatives of the societies and groups in membership of CASSOC

CCSI Report to CASSOC, Nov 2018

Greetings everyone: 

We are here representing Clan Carruthers Society International (CCSI).

We are honoured to be part (of CASSOC) and have the opportunity to give this report on behalf of our Clan ;

Carruthers is a regional name, hailing from the West March of the Anglo-Scottish Borders. Being one of the 17 Border Clans named in the 1587 Suppression of Unruly Clans Act, by James VI;

Work has been going on to unify and bring together Clan Carruthers since 2007. Research on our history and our chiefly line, based on facts and evidence, has been going on since then;

The Lyon Court confirms a Chief by giving them the right, after a robust process, to bear the undifferenced arms of the last Chief. Only the Lyon Court has the authority to do this, a situation recognised by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, in Canada;

Armorial with gary's arms

Information has therefore been with the Lord Lyon for in excess of 18 months. Further important documents have been uncovered and the Lord Lyon will hold a final hearing in February, with all proofed and evidenced information to be placed before him by February 3rd 2019. At which point he will deliberate and decide on the outcome;

We are therefore excited that a recognised Chief of Clan Carruthers will be confirmed early in the New Year through the legal right to bear the Arms of Carruthers of Holmains (reg. 1672).

A special mention therefore is necessary from our Society Convenor for some of our people in Canada: Mr. Michael Carruthers, our Clan Commissioner for Canada who couldn’t be here today and Zelda Carruthers, a member of our Journal’s Editorial Board, who have all been great supporters of the cause and we are extremely grateful for that.

Thank you for your time and patience in listening to this report and on behalf of Clan Carruthers wishing everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season.

Graham Carruthers  

CCSI Executive Secretary, Vice Commissioner (Canada)

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