Clan Carruthers, False Claims

Clan Carruthers: A Sad Day for Carruthers

The Carruthers Angel Weeps

There are really only two credible classes of Scottish clans in Scottish clan society:

a) those with official recognition of a chief through the Lord Lyon and

b) those who are armigerous and are, would or could be willing to follow due process to have a chief recognised by the Lord Lyon.

In Scottish clan society and culture nothing else matters, you either are, or you are not.

Accepting the many hours of hard work, effort and research by our society, that has gone into preparing the way for a chief to be recognised by the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh through official routes, there are those who have deemed it both appropriate and acceptable to self award the status and titles of Chief and Chieftains and proclaim themselves above the rest of Carruthers, without any authority to do so.

They are supported and organised by the Ancient and Honourable Carruthers Clan Society Int (LLC), a business registered in Minnesota, US, who are fully aware of the task the Clan Carruthers Society has set itself and the work we have undergone on behalf of the family, yet for their own agenda, have chosen a different path.

It is therefore with a mixture of great sadness and frustration that we have to inform you that the following individuals are not accepted as Carruthers Chiefs or Chieftains and have no right to claim these positions nor any status on our behalf, and just as importantly if not more so, they are not recognised, nor confirmed on any level as having any status or title in our family by the Lord Lyon, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For this reason, we can offer them no recognition as a clan society. We now understand why they may have removed the face of the seraphim from their badge as we are sure that if it could, the seraphim of our ancestors, would shed a tear at their actions.

The following people are not representative of Carruthers as chiefs or chieftains.

  • Patrick E. Carrothers, Albequerque, New Mexico, USA.

 (Not a Recognised Carruthers Chief – LLC appointed)

  • Keith Carrothers, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

         (Not a Recognised Carruthers Chieftain – LLC appointed)

  • Jeff Carrothers, Delaware, USA

         (Not a Recognised Carruthers Chieftain – LLC appointed)

  • Harold J Carruthers, Ontario, Canada

         (Not a Recognised Carruthers Chieftain – LLC appointed)

  • Chris Carruthers, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

         (Not a Recognised Carruthers Chieftain – LLC appointed)

My understanding directly from their current President, Patti Carothers Fello of Minnosotta who heads the LLC, that they initially discussed their agenda with the Lyon Court in Edinburgh but were advised that the Lyon Court could not get involved for a number of reasons, the Lyon’s jurisdiction not withstanding. One now understands that there was no genealogical evidence to back up their claims for the Lyon to assist/make judgment upon.

Arms of the Lord Lyon

Although the Lyons jurisdiction is within Scotland and for Scottish heraldry, his authority extends throughout the world as a robust filter of confirmation of legal status within the clan/family and Heraldic system of Scotland and Scottish clans and as such his decisions are sought by those who wish official recognition and international credibility.

We further acknowledge that although the Lyon does not appoint chiefs or heads of houses, he does confirm their position by matriculation of the Chiefly Arms of a clan or family, thus legally recognising them in their role. (Matriculation is the authorising and issuing of a warrant, that an individual can bear a set of arms that are already in existence. If a Chief’s arms, all other arms of that name are taken from those arms with a minimum of two differences)

To confirm a chief by genealogy :

If proven descendants of a clan’s chief still live, as in the case of Carruthers, they are able to petition the Lyon to matriculate the arms of the chief and through that, if the evidence is strong enough, be confirmed in that capacity. The Buchanans have only very recently and successfully undertaken this route and the Irving’s of Bonshsw, our close neighbours in Dumfriesshire before them.

A Carruthers Chief:

Chiefs Arms mock upfallow deer v3
Arms of the Chief of Carruthers

In August 2019, after many years of hard work by the Society, a Chief was confirmed by the Lords Lyon in 2019. Dr Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains, is now Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers.

To confirm a chief by a gathering:

If no evidenced bloodline exists, the Lyon may approve a Derbfine/ gathering, held in Scotland and supervised by the Lyon Court.

This allows the clan themselves to pick a commander for a period of years designated by the Lyon Court. After the Derbfine, the commander becomes the head of the clan and is made chief, but only if no other better placed candidate comes forward in the set time frame.

A commander is chosen, either by unanimity of the people in attendance or by a large majority vote. Currently Clan Bell and McEwan have, organised a gathering in the summer of 2019 to follow through with this process and we wish them luck. ( this was completed in the summer of 2019, supervised by the Lyon Court and held in Scotland as it is required).

Where does that leave ‘us’.

What this means quite simply is that Clan Carruthers nor its official Society: Clan Carruthers Society International, can in any way accept individuals who suggest, through titles that they lead or represent us as a clan, whether nationally or internationally.

Our understanding is that credible clan gatherings will refuse to recognise their positions as they maintain no international credibility within the Scottish clan system.

As a Scottish clan, proud of their heritage, choosing to robustly follow our roots, culture and traditions, we have no choice but to adhere to and support the descendants of the chiefly line of Carruthers, of which there are two and follow the process through the Lyon Court. They are both resident in the UK, although the Lyon has recognised evidenced individuals outside the UK as chiefs to include the US.

Our seniors are:

Simon Peter Carruthers (senior of Holmains) – Hereditary Chief

James Andrew Carruthers (senior of Dormont)

Therefore, because the seniors of our chiefly bloodline exist and have a proven pedigree, they will always take priority through evidenced genealogy over those who are chosen at a gathering supervised by the Lyon Court or not. The rule of thumb is Genealogy supersedes a Derbfine/gathering.

Although an easier route, we cannot simply self-award and must and will go through the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh. This is a far more frustrating and turbulent route, which requires hours of research and effort, but hopefully it will pay off in time. for the benefit of all Carruthers, not simply the few.

We thank you for your patience in reading this, and whoever you decide to support, it has got to be an informed choice based on the current evidence available.

NB A Chief of Carruthers was confirmed by the Lord Lyon King of Arms on the 19th of August 2019: Dr Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains

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