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Clan Carruthers: Lord Lyon confirms first Chief of Clan Buchanan in 337 years.

John Michael Buchanan of that Ilk, Chief of Clan Buchanan

Buchanan is one of the largest Scottish Clans with members throughout the world. It originated on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond around Killearn, after receipt of a charter of lands from King Malcolm II. Its last Chief died over 3 centuries ago.

In search of the senior of the blood line, and after a long and arduous path to official recognition through the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, Clan Buchanan has a new chief. In September 2018 John Michael Buchanan of that Ilk has been named Chief of the Name and Arms of Buchanan

He was confirmed by Dr Joseph Morrow, the Lord Lyon King of Arms, head of the Lyon Court in Scotland as 23rd Chief of the Name and Arms of Buchanan. He is the first Chief of the Clan in 337 years.

The Buchanan, John Michael Buchanan of that Ilk and of Arnprior and Leny, was born on 14 September 1958. He is the son of John Neil Buchanan Baillie-Hamilton of Arnprior and Hon. Caroline Barbara Barrie.

Michael married The Lady Buchanan, Paula Frances Hickman M.D., daughter of John Hickman, on 22 October 1994.   He graduated from Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, with a Master of Arts (M.A.)

Michael is the manager of Cambusmore Estate in the southern Highlands near Callander.  He has four children including heir apparent, Angus John Buchanan younger of that Ilk, Bruce, Lucy and Rory.

Michael and Paula live at Cambusmore, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland.

The work to attain the recognition of the Chief of Buchanan began over 20 years ago. Much work research has to go into those things as the genealogy has to be cross referenced and proven without any doubt prior to presentation to the Lyon Court. As in the case of Carruthers, which began over 10 years ago, hundreds of documents and genealogical evidence has had to be compiled to prove the Buchanan case to the satisfaction of the Lord Lyon.

Therefore accepting to date, we have had no official Chief since John Carruthers, 12th of Holmains who died in 1807, this does not mean that we can simply self elect or appoint a Chief and Chieftains and most certainly not expect to have them recognised by either the clan, nor any respectable group that celebrates Scottish Culture.

The rules of Scottish genealogy and Celtic Law, are quite clear on the matter, genealogy will always take precedence over a Derbfine (election), the latter of which can only be held as a matter of last resort and once again only under the supervision of the Lyon Court.

As we are all fully aware, Carruthers have at least two seniors of our chiefly blood line alive today. They will have to be satisfied and will always take priority to any claim being made to be Chief. Currently, information lies with the Lyon Court and we await the Lord Lyon’s pleasure in the matter.

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