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Please sign our Clan Roll Call in support of a legally recognised Chief.

Chiefly Arms of Carruthers

On the clan website (click on the link above) is a roll call, to join is for free. It has been set up to produce a list of names of our family who support the recognition of a chief, to present to the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh.

Only the Lord Lyon has the authority to recognise a chief of a Scottish clan through matriculation of the coat of Arms of the chiefly line of Holmains or by a Derbfine, over seen by the Lyon Court, when nor descendants of the Chiefly blood line exist.

As you may be aware, Carruthers is currently an armigerous clan (without chief), with our last chief John Carruthers 12th of Holmains, dying in 1807. However, descendants of the chiefly blood line of Holmains have been found and their genealogy evidenced, which means we have legally viable contenders for the chiefship of our proud border reiver clan.

Your details would help us show that support and to date we have over 400 from all over the world who have kindly signed up. We hope that as a Carruthers, you would too.

Thank you in advance, we really need your help.

Update; Dr S Peter Carruthers of Holmains was confirmed Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers 19 August 2019.

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