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Clan Carruthers: Regional Commissioners

Currently there are four Clan Carruthers Commissioners in CCSI. They cover the regions of Australasia, Canada, Europe and the USA. The commissioner’s role is to represent, promote and help organise Clan Carruthers in their regions and as members of the Society Executive, liaise the state of play back to the Convenor.

Here are the profiles of those people who hold these very important posts in our society and are working diligently for you benefit.

CCSI  Clan Commioners

Dana 1
Clan Carruthers Commissioner USA

Dana Caruthers Norton: Vice Convenor, Clan Genealogist, Clan Commissioner (USA)

My name is Dana Caruthers Norton and I was born in Sterling, Rice County, Kansas. I am honoured to be the Clan Commissioner for the US.

After Scotland, my Carruthers lineage is recorded as far back as being in the Fenwick Tenth, when John Fenwick purchased his tenth of West New Jersey from Lord John Berkeley. Fenwick established the town of Salem that same year and in his will 1683, called for a second town to be built at Cohansey Creek.

My family line descends from the Carruthers of Rammerscales and intertwines with some of the most prominent families who arrived in America, even before the Colonies actually existed; Findley, Ewing, Maskell, Forsyth, Fithian and Venables, to name but a few.

I am, through this lineage, a proud member of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution and hold membership of many international and highly respected genealogical, historical and heraldic organisations. My 3x great grandfather, the Rev. Richard Alexander Caruthers brought the Methodist church to the state of Kansas in 1857, which has since flourished in the State.

On a personal note, I’ve lived in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, USA for most of my adult life but in my younger days I loved to travel, visiting most of the United States, Canada, Europe:  Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and North Africa. Besides researching our clan genealogy, my other main interest and love is quilting.

I am married to my best friend and together we have raised two boys who in return gave us three grandchildren one boy who is 14 and two girls age 11 and 10, who are simply a joy.

My involvement in the CCSI started way before its inception and working with other Carruthers internationally, and especially our Clan Convenor, we have worked hard to set the foundations of our society for the benefit of alland for many generations to come. I am therefore also proud to be the Clan Society Genealogist and hold the position of Vice Convenor in unison with Cécelia Mitchell-Carruthers.

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Clan Carruthers Commissioner Europe

Cécelia Mitchell-Carruthers: Vice Convenor, Clan Commissioner (Europe)

My name is Cécilia Mitchell-Carruthers, I was born in France 45 years ago and I am also British citizen. I am proud to say that I can trace my family line back to Roger Carruthers, first of Holmains, 1375 and through him to John Carruthers, brother of Thomas Carruthers of Mouswald, 1320. I am therefore honoured to be the Clan Commissioner for Europe, a role I take very seriously .

I am the daughter of Nigel Mitchell- Carruthers and Sybil Mitchell-Carruthers born Douglas. I have a brother Bruce who has 5 children. I am privileged to retain still retain access to private and historical documents from my ancestors, which have been passed down from the Carruthers of Holmains. 

My grandfather, Nigel Laurie Mitchell-Carruthers (born in 1888 and died in 1960) was a Colonel in the Indian Army.

As an individual I am the mother of two children: Sean who is nearly 9 and Victoria  who is nearly 5 (I am in a civil partnership with Raphaël Daniel, the father of my children).

I studied and graduated in ethnology at degree level in France, then went on to do broadcast editing and recently graduated from a course in management. I have previously been working for 10 years in a telecommunications company in Monaco and I am now looking to extend my horizons in other fields of interest. My hobbies include mountain hiking, horse-riding and all cultural events. I am also involved in a language association as President (Papagallino: An association that provides classes and workshops in Russian, Italian, English and Arabic for children and adults.)

I am very keen to participate in all aspects of Clan Carruthers Society International and I am personally convinced that working on our genealogy is hugely important for our family history in general.

In conjunction with Dana Caruthers Norton, I am also a Vice Convenor to the Society.

Cécelia and her brother Bruce, whose mother was Sybil Douglas, are great great Grandchildren of John Sholto Douglas. 9th Marquis of Queensbury (1844-1900). The Marquis is famous for his dispute with Oscar Wilde and his creation of the famous ‘Queensbury Rules’ in boxing. Cécelia’s great grandfather was therefore the Marquis’s youngest son,  Lord Sholto George Douglas.(ed)

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Clan Carruthers Commissioner Canada

Vacant: Clan Commissioner (Canada)

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Clan Carruthers Commissioner Australia

Graham Carruthers: Clan Commissioner (Australasia)

Proud to be the Clan Commissioner fit Australasia, I was born and educated in Sydney. Graham has been studying, practicing and teaching, yoga, meditation and healing, including acupuncture since the early 1970s. Graham is the principal of Healing Arts and Sciences.

His primary interest has been in the Taoist yoga, Tao Yin meaning “soft way – way of breath”, plus Tai Chi and Acupuncture. These he learnt from various masters including Shaolin master, Serge Martiche-Osterman, Tai Chi and Acupuncture master, Tennyson Yui and at Acupuncture Colleges in Australia under Russell Jewel. His in-depth studies also include the health sciences; anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, clinical diagnosis, microbiology and pathology.

Graham also explored the Indian Yogas under the guidance of Acharya Upenda Roy, one of Sydney’s earliest and well-known Yoga masters. Included in Acharya’s regime was the practice and study of Hatha yoga (particularly in the style of B.S. Iyenga) plus Kriya, Raja, Kundalini and Tantric yoga.

Graham is the grandson of Sir Joseph Hector McNeil Carruthers, KCMG, 1857-1932, who was the Premier of New South Wales in Australia. 


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