Clan Carruthers, Lord Lyon

Clan Carruthers: Clan Bell follow official route through Lord Lyon for recognition of Clan Commander.

There is only one person whose authority allows them, through the matriculation of Arms on behalf of the Crown, to recognise a Scottish Chief as a Legal entity in Scottish law: The Lord Yon In Edinburgh, Scotland.

Those who are recognised as such, are listed as official Scottish Clans, those who aren’t, simply are not. This is the only route recognised internationally by all other clans and clan societies for a Clan Chief to attain legal status, and thus the clan move from armigerous status to that of being officially recognised. Carruthers, Duncan, Macalpine, Glendinning and now Bell. Those who appreciate and respect their heritage and history recognise the importance of doing things right.

Congratulations to Clan Bell and they have the full support of Clan Carruthers.


I am pleased to announce that Robert Bell of Colorado has agreed to chair the planning committee that is charged with planning a Lord Lyon Court appointed Bell family council in Scotland for the worldwide Bell family/clan. Robert has served the Bell family through the several name iterations of our Clan Bell-Clan Bell North America, Inc. (formerly Clan Bell International). He has served as Clan Bell Commissioner of Colorado for many years and as our Southwest VP for the last year or so. Among his many Colorado Clan Bell accomplishments, Robert, with wife Eva, have chaired highly successful Robert Burns celebrations. Robert will be forming a committee intended to include Bell family representation from around the world.

Three major assets Robert will need to acquire from the Bell family members are volunteers to help with the planning and donations to help fund the event that must be held in Scotland at a hotel where attendees can stay. The meeting will be to select a Commander for the Bell clan/family who will serve at least ten years or until a legitimate descendant of the last chief William Bell (d. 1627/8) presents a petition with the proper descendant genealogy and documentation to the Lord Lyon Court and it is approved.
The second asset needed from Bells are donations to help move this historic event forward. We need to engage a proper meeting space for all to gather, share, and make this important vote. We must reach out to Bells via international advertising to notify them of this important family concave. We will also be setting up a method for those who cannot actually attend the event in Scotland to be able to participate via Skype or other methods. Third, we also will need you and interested Bells from around the world to be an active participant!

Because our Clan Bell-Clan Bell North America, Inc. is a 501c3 non-taxable non-profit, donations are tax deductible under the US I.R.S. provisions for a 501c3 organisation. How this might impact donors from outside the US, we do not know. Check your country tax laws! We DO need your help! Our existing Clan Bell funds are not sufficient to cover this event—they subsidize our games participation, and other administrative expenses. I must remind all that no one receives any payment for their work with our organization.
David Erwin Bell

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